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  1. I like the first one best b/c I like the yellow and the blue together, but I don't like the empty space inbetween the names. The set up of the heart one is better b/c its easier to read the date and location....tough call!!!
  2. I think its a wonderful idea so long as it isn't a lot of work. Another idea is to have some one hold her and walk down with her if the wagon doesnt work. You will definitely come up with something by then b/c who else would be the perfect flower girl No one.
  3. Hopefully my fiance would choose a high end strip club to attend rather than some raunchy cheap dirty place.
  4. I have just come up with a great idea for entertainment at our AHR. I found a few companies that will come out and stencil/airbrush/freehand tattoos. Being that my FH proposed to me in a tattoo parlor via tattoo I figure this will be a great idea! But I havent decided whether I want to do it for the engagement party or the reception or both. Probably to pricey if we did both. I think it would be so neat to have an artist set up to give temporary tattoos. We had a friend do a carnival theme as her reception. I am thinking a tattoo/face paint theme for ours to make it fun and unforgettable. Any other creative ideas out there?
  5. I envy this party! I can't wait to show my fiance. I am dying to do a co-party! Showing him this will really help sway him toward it. Great idea on the "britney-style". Glad you had fun and thanks for the tips!
  6. We also hired a cleaning lady. She comes with one of her friends. Its $100 a week for us, for about 1300sf. We are now trying to cut out two bedrooms to get it down to 80. We shall see how that works out. Its definitely a great idea to get referrals from friends. Atleast you know you can trust the people coming in when you aren't home. That is if they come in when you aren't home.
  7. I would check online. Google it or something, maybe even ebay since you arent finding any luck with local stores. Definitely let us know if you can post a larger pic. Good luck!
  8. I think the necklace is perfect for a not-so-overstated dress and perfect for a beach wedding. Great find and what a great price!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by amy706 Wow- I"m impressed by that diet but how can PB be calorie free? or chocolate syrup for that matter? I'm afraid of what IS in it!!! Well the PB is not calorie Free but the chocolate syrup is and I do hear what you are saying about wondering what chemicals good be in it to make it calorie free but it works for me when I need that fix and don't want to risk my calorie intake....mind you this is coming from me, a competitive freak! LOL! I have competed in figure competitions and will go great lengths to fix my cravings with out compromising my diet. I am NUTS! Quote: Originally Posted by angitalia23 The concept behind Walden Farms Products is good in the respect that they advertisse "no calories" etc. and I usually like any "light" or "Reduced" food but the Walden Farms Products make me sick to my stomach, i think there gross! Im glad you like them though cause they are seriously guilt free according to their ingredients and nutrition facts....plus it sounds like you have created an interesting dessert Yes I have to agree that MANY of the WF products taste horrible BUT the few I listed actually don't taste that bad when you compare them to their high calorie, high fat, high carb counter parts. I think they are a hit or miss, everyone is different. But if you count every last calorie and gram of protein carb and fat these products are a life saver! Also another good product is sweetleaf stevia drops. They come in all flavors and I really like putting the dark chocolate in my coffee with a splash of skim milk. Very tasty and you can get very creative with them.
  10. I believe spinning is like a relationship, you have to have the right style instructor that fits your need and also they have to play the right kind of music. Once you find "the one" its addicting! You can't get enough! LOL!
  11. OK - this may sound gross - I would cure my sweet tooth by smearing abouth a tbs natural peanutbutter on a plain no salt rice cake and take Walden Farms Sugar Free Fat Free Calorie Free (thats right) chocolate syrup and drizzle over the top. I would mix it in with the PB and enjoy. But not before licking that mixing utensil. LOL! Try looking at Walden Farms Products especially to help liven up a dull diet. My diet consists of eggwhites, turkey bacon, protien shakes, salad greens, chicken breast, and mixed veg stir fry. Can be very bland so I like using the WF products which are mostly all sugar free calorie free and fat free. They take some getting used to but I LOVE the chocolate syrup, pancake syrup, caramel dip and ranch dip. Oh and as for butts....LOTS of different weighted squats and lunges and walking/running up steep hills.
  12. Fantastic! I will definitely come back to this thread to use this idea! Thanks!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by hollisandsteph OMG I just searched this song on youtube and LOVE this song! I had thought about dancing with my son and this might be the song. I don't think I am going to do an official dance but I might request and dedicate it just for fun. He would turn bright red but love the attention!! My original thought was To Make You Feel my Love (Garth Brooks) from Hope Floats. Now I have to think about it more. Wonder if it would be too wierd for a father/daughter dance? My father/daughter dance is "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney. I bought the CD for my dad a while ago for Fathers Day and then did a collage of us with the lyrics of this song in the middle so it has a lot of sentiment to it. Every time I hear it I get chills and tear up.
  14. Great idea! This will help me collect ideas to change up my own routine. I must add I just started this morning! Ugh! I would love to have beer tonight to celebrat St Patty's day but NO-CAN-DO I tell myself. Can't wait to see this bootcamp get started. I'll share my own info if I see results.
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