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Need help creating a wishing well

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I'm a BM for one of my friends who is not having DW. The theme of her bridal shower is going to be toiletries (sp?). Her sister the MOH picked out really cute decorations for the centerpieces. I volunteered to make the wishing well and people will throw in bathroom related stuff in there. Instead of making the traditional well I was thinking of making a bathtub well. I want to make the well look like an actual bathtub. I know how I want to decorate it: I want to use those annoying styrofoam white thingies that they use to pack boxes as bubbles and use blue tissue paper to look like the water. However, I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the bathtub.


I was hoping I could buy something so that it would be easier (since I'm not so crafty) but if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I figure one of you DIY brides can give me some ideas. feedback.gif


Any and all input is appreciated.

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What about one of the baby washtubs? You could get an inexpensive one and spray paint it in one of her wedding colors. Just make sure she knows it's painted so she doesn't try to use it for a baby.


Is the wishing well for cards? Why not cover one of those large hat boxes in her colors with felt or silk from the fabric store. Then you could cut a slit in the top for cards. I saw this somewhere, if I find it I will post it.


Or very whimsical...maybe you could make the hat box like a powder puff to play on the toiletries theme. Ok, don't get me started. I should be working.

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Rachelle I thought of getting a baby rubber ducky or just plain bathtub. The baby ones are too small so I ruled that out. I actually like the rubber ducky one you posted but I'm scared it might be too small.


Basically the well is not for cards its to throw a little "chachka" in there. So since her theme is bathroom stuff aside from bringing her a present from her registry, someone would bring a toilet scrubber for example and throw it in the well. You don't giftwrap the wishing well gifts. Someone else might throw in a pair of cleaning gloves. Someone else might throw in a bottle of cleaner.


But now I'm thinking the tissue box idea might be cute. Hmmm...


Thank you ladies for all your ideas, I greatly appreciate it!

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Glenda i can't find anything for how to make a fake bathtub but i have an idea...


what if you take a high resolution picture of a tub to kinkos and have it printed on foamcore - large size - like 2'x3' - you can build a white foam structure and attach the image to the front then decorate the top sides with some washcloths and bath products?

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