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  1. Have yu tried Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Micheal's or Target? I think they may even have them in acrylic. I saw someone use the glass coasters as candle holders. Good Luck
  2. mdw2dtw

    ROR- Pics and Review!

    Every thing looks great. You look fabulous. Glad you had a good time. I am sooo going to steal that hanging flower idea and use it somehow.
  3. mdw2dtw

    New to the BDW

    And Happy Planning. You will find plenty of Information here.
  4. Everything looks great. You look beautiful in your dress. Have Fun!!!
  5. mdw2dtw

    Hello All

    Have fun planning. I was considering St. Lucia also. Everything there looks beautiful. Some wedding coordinators sent me info. You can PM me if you want me to forward it.
  6. mdw2dtw

    New Bride here!!

    and Happy Planning!
  7. cute. I like the wording, may have to steal it...'vacation with bonus WEDDING'.
  8. Very cute. Still one of my favorite color combinations. I may have to get that stamp. I love embossing...it's my new favorite thing.
  9. mdw2dtw


    > Happy planning. You will find more than you need here.
  10. mdw2dtw

    Newbie Looking for Advice :)

    Steph. Sorry can't offer any suggestions on the resorts, having the same problem. I finally had to stop looking at the reviews on tripadvisor. Good luck, atleast you have more time than me...March 2009. I'm still trying to find a resort for this year
  11. mdw2dtw


    Jessica. Happy Planning
  12. mdw2dtw


    Mandy. Happy Planning
  13. mdw2dtw

    Wedding Blaze

    , wonder if wedding insurance covers that.
  14. mdw2dtw

    anyone selling a veil?

    Did you look at the one on target.com. They have an ivory (and white) one for I think...16.99. I was thinking of ordering that to see what the quality looks/feels like. I will check other threads, but if anybody has ordered this one, would love to know how they like it BTW...Love your dress
  15. These are beautiful, I love your jewelry.