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Cheap option for Imodium AD packets in OOT bags

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I decided to buy a blister pack of imodium AD & just cut it up instead of buying individually wrapped ones. I was just going to type up the safety info & stick it in the first aid kits I have.


Well, last night at Target I got a bottle of Imodium instead of a blister pack. It was in a box so I didn't realize what I was getting.


So I made these little envelopes to put the immodium in. I'll type up a little safety sheet later. This really is a money saver. I got 48 pills for $5 this way.


The picture is in color, but I just printed it in black & white for a tester. My template is below. You can print 4 envelope pictures per sheet. Then just cut alone the lines, fold & tape.


UPDATE Tricia brought up a good point. If you make these, wait until you get to your hotel to divy them up. Pills should be in their original containers when going through customs. I plan on folding the envelopes in advance so there is less to do while on vacation.


This might be my weirdest lunch project yet. I'm glad my coworkers don't seem to notice what I'm doing.


It's hard to see in the picture, but it says "Motezuma's Revenge Antidote." This guy Panama Jack is escaping from a huge spider. I plan on making something similar for the advil now. Any cute ideas for what to put on it?


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


BTW, Montezuma's revenge was a video game for Sega. I photoshopped out "featuring panama jack" and added "antidote".

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This is PERFECT Morgan! I bought 3 large bottles of generic Immodium and I was going to put them in those tiny little ziploc bags (like the ones spare buttons come in when you buy a suit) but this is ssoo much cuter! Thanks so much for sharing it -- and the template!


Stolen it already!!!

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I've learned thriftiness inspires creativity. I agree the individually packaged are pricy. So if I went that route each guest would get 1-2 pills. This way I can give everyone more.


So what should my advil packets say?


one tequilla, two tequilla...why did I drink so much tequilla?


OK I'm drawing a blank on any more ideas.

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Ok, those are adorable!

I'm kind of a dork though. Are the individual bagies of pills going to be OK through customs? Or are you going to divy them up once you are down there?

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