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Do guests really use the fans??

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Okay..I hope this isn't out there already, but I'm about to order fans and I was thinking I would order pink for the girls and white for the guys...but then I started thinking...these things are like $2 each and I know for a fact the guys won't keep them and with that said I don't even know about all the girls but I know at least that the girls will probably use them at the ceremony.


So...should I just get enough for the girls and if the guys are hot they can share? Or should I suck it up and just order 10 more for the guys?

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Another idea is to just order natural colored ones for everyone. They are less than $2 each. You can tie pink ribbons on them. I think guys will use them. They are usually hotter and will be wearing warmer outfits.


I got a rainbow assortment for 71 cents each. I figure guys can swap if they get a pink one.

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Get the fans!! :-)


I was MOH in my friends wedding in PV last year and it was SOOOOO hot and humid, we were all LOVING those fans! I think the fans she had were white w/ ribbons on them...and nobody cared what color they were etc...we were just happy to have them! I think they're one of the items that are truly useful as far as favors and such go.


As far as ordering extras or having some guests share....I'd say if you're expecting really hot weather, get each guest their own. If the weather is supposed to be mild, then sharing is probably fine.


Just my opinion!

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