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  1. Bought these three "Tun" seashells but never used them for our wedding, forgot about them, and they've been tucked away in storage for the past few years. (Species: Tonna olearium) The largest is huge--9 inches long by 7.5 inches wide. They're in perfect shape, clean and glossy, and would work well as decor for the head table, cake display, guestbook display, or if you turn them upside down, they make a perfect vase for flower arrangements. Sizes of the three shells are as follows: Medium - 3.75" long x 2.5" wide Large - 6.0" long x 5.5" wide Jumbo - 9.0" long x 7.5" wide (Normally just the x-large size of these shells would sell for $25-40, and I've seen them go for as much as $75, so I'm selling the set at far below cost. Mostly, I'd be happy if they just ended up with someone who was happy to have them!) Let me know of you have any questions. Thanks!!
  2. The sale only lasted two days and is now over. If you PMed me and didn't get a reply, it's because it was too late to do anything about it. (Sorry!) And for some reason, I can't edit my original post in order to put this info higher up on the thread...(Double Sorry!!)
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by DanaKaz Thank you so Very much for sharing that website!! I bought my dream Nicole Miller dress last night. I had given up on finding it and just started the process of finding someone to make it. And I saved over $3,000!! Again thanks a million. Dana Dana - That's fantastic! I'm so happy it worked out. =)
  4. Happy to help! I was amazed at how much they were discounted by (some up to 75% and more!), and they have both sweet, flowy DW dresses and the more formal gowns, too. Wish this had gone on while I was looking for a dress. =)
  5. Hi everyone, I'm going to post this in two places, in case there are people here looking for Nicole Miller dresses. An online site called "Rue La La" does limited time sales of designer labels, and right now through Wednesday morning they are selling limited amounts of about 20 different Nicole Miller Bridal gowns. It's annoyingly an invite only site, but if you're interested, send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you an invitation.
  6. Sorry...late to post, but yes, sold! So happy it's going to another BDW gal and will finally get it's day in the sun. =) I hope it's a perfect fit!
  7. Hi all, I have a J.Crew "goddess" gown in silk tricotine, size 6P, for sale for $225 + shipping (it's going for $325 on their site). The dress is gorgeous, never worn, and only tried on twice. (I bought it as a "just in case" -- as in, just in case the dress I was planning on wearing didn't work out as planned. But it did, and I didn't need this one.) It's absolutely gorgeous on, and while I almost hate to get rid of it, when on earth will I need another white dress?! Pics from the J.Crew site: Here's the link with more details: Wedding Dresses & Wedding Gowns - Silk Dresses & Gowns Perfect For Weddings - J.Crew Please PM me if interested. Thanks!!
  8. ...might be good to check this out. It's an interesting article that's geared more toward shopping bags, but some of the info is good to have! Just thought I'd share, since it answers a few of the questions I had when I was trying to choose among canvas/paper/woven polypropylene bags to put our OOT goodies into. =) An inconvenient bag | The Detroit News | detnews.com
  9. Happy to help! And I was helped tons by ideas from other people here on the forum, so very glad to pass this along. I know that most people know this stuff by now, but for grandparents and parents who don't fly much, this ended up being pretty helpful. Of course, the RSVP parts didn't appear to stick with anyone all. Guess we're just a big group of slackers. =)
  10. Ack! Ack!!! Someone wanted the placecards...and I seem to have accidentally deleted your name/address! Please please please PM me to remind me who you were, and where to send them?? I'm so sorry!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by foxytv Try these sites: Cotton Candy Products - Cotton Candy - Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy - How to Make Cotton Candy Thanks, Tami -- this one's perfect! What do you guys think of small tin cups on the tables filled with miniature pennants?
  12. I'm beginning to like the idea of a candy bar: chocolate baseballs, big league chew (!!)... But I'm having problems finding cotton candy sold anywhere other than in huge tubs. Without renting a cotton candy machine, does anyone have ideas for how to do this?
  13. I brought (and sent) plenty of glass with me, but much of my decisions about which glass to buy were based on what would be less likely to break during shipping/travel. None of it broke, although I did bring a few extra just in case... I would say that your decisions about how many extra to buy should be based on likelihood of breakage. That's probably not so helpful, but that's all I've got! Good luck!!
  14. Baseball cupcakes! Gourmet toppings bar! I love it! And a baseball-themed candy bar...people are going to walk away 5 lbs heavier than they were when they came in. Heh... I'm loving this!
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