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First Dance

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hi ladies..


those of us who are getting married and those of u who have gotten married at ror.. i am having my reception at in mameebay.. when do u have your 1st dance? is it in the restaurant or on the beach at the ceremony?



do u get intoduced when coming into the reception dinner? mabye the brides who has gotten married can help on this one?


i want to be introduced with music..has anyone done this?





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We haven't decided yet...but we are getting the steel drum band. So maybe we can do it then, with them? I think that'd be extra memorable having our first dance on the beach to a steel drum band!


We're having the Mammee Bay dinner too, since it's semi-private I don't think we'd be introduced. Are you renting the disco? Maybe that's where you could do those things.

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i was thinking the disco also, but then i figured it might be a lil awkward for us to be introduced after we eat.. im just trying to figure out how our entrance would go at mammeebay... i remember reading that some brides brought their ipod doc and played music during the reception dinner..im thinking about doing that..


but it would be nice to have your dance on the beach..i just cant picture how everything would flow into each other..ceremony, coctail hour, 1st dance, pics..

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Is there a minimum number of guests required to have the reception at The Plantation? I am looking into the Ipod idea I have seen on here. We have our own speakers but I am sure one of our friends has the nice loud Bose speaker system for the ipod. Those work well and the cost would be FREE.

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