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  1. march1508

    Past ROR Brides........Some Questions

    oh fans.. i purchased mine from oriental trading.. or u can try bliss market
  2. march1508

    Past ROR Brides........Some Questions

    my reception dinner is in the mammeebay.. i am gonna have a friend or family member introduce us.. we will just come in and sit down... we will eat..cake cutting, speaches and then head to the disco.. i think at the disco thats when the we will do our 1st dance.. also im gonna change b4 i come to mammeebay.. only for picture purposes.. plus my dress is mermaid style..and its tight..and while sitting down i dont wanna bust it open ..lol.. i will take pics on the beach with my wedding dress..and then my 2nd dress matches the colors of my bridesmaids so i will wear it at the dinner for pics.. we are also bringing our bose ipod doc to play music during dinner.. i was wondering the same thing about their music system for the ceremony(whether or not it sounded loud enuff and clear) otherwise i was thinking about using the bose doc for the ceremony also..cuz i have specific songs that i want my the girls and i to walk down to.
  4. march1508

    Back from ROR wedding - awesome!!!!

    awww man.. what a tease..lol
  5. march1508

    Ror Wc

    i also emailed her last week..and i leave for my wedding in a week and a half.. im hoping to hear back from her soon, i havent even arranged a time to meet with her yet.. im am gonna assume that she is very busy.. and hope that i hear from her soon.. i honestly think that she needs help..the resort is becoming very popular for its weddings and they honestly need more than 1 wedding coordinator...
  6. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW.... everything looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! soo pretty..love yr colors.. and your room..omg.. im praying to get that upgrade.. yr reveiw and pics has got me soo excited.. i have 2 wks left and i will be off to jamaica..cannot wait! your groomsmen shirts i love them.. do u mind if i ask where u got them from..we were looking for shirts just like that..short sleeve, simple but in hot pink and are having a really difficult time finding them.. you looked gorgeous.. love your setup at the beach gazebo..the mix of the two colors.. really brought out the aqua.. u made me feel a lot better about renting the disco also.. thanks so much for yr wonderful review.. congrats to u and yr new hubby
  7. march1508

    Back from wedding!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS.. sounds like u had a wonderful time.. one quick question.. how was the disco with the lights on? were the lights demmed so that it set a mood ,or were they bright..also how was the dj at the disco, or did u have a cd made for him to play? thanks.. again congrats..thanks so much for your review
  8. hi.. i just received my flipflop cards the other days.. and i personally dont like them..the idea is cute but the quality sucks..very cheap.. i thought they would be like regular playing cards just smaller but the quality isnt too good.. so im gonna send mine back..and just get regular size playing cards from costco..and put 1 per bag..instead of 1 per person..
  9. march1508

    Leaving in 5 days to ROR

    Congratulations!!!! Have A Wonderful Time..im Sure Everything Will Be Beautiful.. Im Right Behind U March 15.. Cant Wait !! Oh Can U Find Out Which Day The Beach Party Is..friday Or Sat Night..thanks Octavia..
  10. march1508

    My Ocho Rui Wedding Jan 31 08

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! its so refreshing when brides come back with such positive reviews..u look like u had a blast.. and the room upgrade..was that FREE?? if so that is awesome.. please tell how u manage to make that happen..especially with the jacuzzi suite.. i also booked the jr suite, but was curious to know how much additional they would charge to upgrade once we get there.. again u looked absoulutely stunning..congrats to u.. please post some more pics..would love to see them..or if u like could u email them sariah129@aol.com thanks octavia `
  11. march1508

    Our Wedding Was PERFECT!!!

    wow..beautiful is all i can say.. u were gorgeous.. everything was so bright and vibrant..I LOVE IT!. YOUR FLOWERS WERE SOOO PRETTY.. congratulations..
  12. march1508

    First Dance

    i was thinking the disco also, but then i figured it might be a lil awkward for us to be introduced after we eat.. im just trying to figure out how our entrance would go at mammeebay... i remember reading that some brides brought their ipod doc and played music during the reception dinner..im thinking about doing that.. but it would be nice to have your dance on the beach..i just cant picture how everything would flow into each other..ceremony, coctail hour, 1st dance, pics..
  13. march1508

    First Dance

    hi ladies.. those of us who are getting married and those of u who have gotten married at ror.. i am having my reception at in mameebay.. when do u have your 1st dance? is it in the restaurant or on the beach at the ceremony? also.. do u get intoduced when coming into the reception dinner? mabye the brides who has gotten married can help on this one? i want to be introduced with music..has anyone done this? thanks octavia
  14. march1508

    some of my wedding stuff

    ok i love everything..love the hot pink..that is also the color of my bridesmaids dresses..but those shoes... ohhh my gosh... HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. WHERE DID U GET THOSE PINK SHOES FROM.. I NEED THOSE IN MY LIFE.. CAN U SAY HONEYMOON NIGHT.. WITH MY HOT PINK GARTER..
  15. hello ladies.. anyone know where i can get a good portable handheld steamer from? or the name of a good brand..i would like to bring my own steamer with me so that i can steam whateva i need to.. i dont really want to rely on the resort..i think it would be a lot easier and cheaper to bring my own..that way i can steam our dresses if need be.. thanks octavia