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Can I please have opinions on this dress?

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Okay... I went to David's by myself this morning to try on some dresses (first time!). I had been picturing myself in something flowy like chiffon, but tried several on and none of them really flattered me. I tried this dress on and fell in love with it, but I'm not sure if it's good for my DW in Mexico. I don't know why I'm questioning it, because I really loved it. It is taffeta and I tried it on in ivory, which I think is much prettier. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with a dress with a train (this dress has a sweep train), but I know it could be bustled the whole time. Questions for you:


1. Is taffeta going to be too hot in Mexico in July?

2. Does this look too formal for a beach wedding?

3. Could they take a little of the crinoline out of the bottom during

alterations if I think it's too poofy?


David's Bridal - Bridal Gowns P9345 Allover draped taffeta trumpet with button back.

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Oh, I love it! If I didn't need a lace gown, this style is my next fave. Or at least for today, until I see another one that I love. Hahhahahaaa


1. I didn't/won't get married in Mexico, but I don't think it will be too hot. You will be hot anyway though, right?

2. Too formal? Hell no. Wear what you want. I don't beleive in restrictions

3. Remove crinoline? I think a good seamstress can do anything you want her to do.

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I can't honestly answer all those questions because I don't have much experience but I think the dress is gorgeous. It doesn't look like it would be much more material than what most of the girls on the forum have worn.


I'm sure they could take out the crinoline. I doubt it is too tough.


I don't think it looks too formal either. Go to my blogs. I posted my dress and attire. It's formal too!

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ya that dress is chic.. love it.. but janet is right. might not have very good flow for the hot weather. and a little tight for walking around in the sand. i do love it though. ive shot brides in tafetta and it didnt seem to hot for them as long as you got a fair bit of breathing room.


dont sacrifice too much comfort in ordere to look fantastic wink.gif

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Oh I LOVVVE that dress. It's beautiful, and ivory is such a pretty color so Im sure its stunning.


1- Not too sure if u will be sweatin hot..is it heavy? Also you have to remember at night, the weather will cool off alil.


2- Def does not look too formal. You can actually go either way with that dress, thats the awesome thing about that style.


3- I agree with what was said earlier- any good seamstress can do whatever you want with the dress ;o)


I censored.gif love it!! (YES! i've been wanting to use that smiley face!)



Good luck!

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