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Starfish & Seashore Themed Stuff at Kohl's

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So, I was just at Kohl's (I have an addiction, so I haven't let myself go there for awhile.) and I saw these great decorative candles with starfish on them. Super cute. Then they also have seahorse candle holders and sort of an ocean-teal color. Plus shell accents.


Here's the link, check out decorative accents link too under Shoreline collection.


Furniture & Home Décor - Furnishings & Home Decorating at Kohls.com


They are on sale now but will probably get cheaper. Plus, if you are Kohl's charge holder, you can wait until you get a good coupon.

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I am not even doing any sort of theme or extra decorations at my wedding and I stopped and took cell phone pics with the thoughts of posting them on here. (Of course, then I figured out it would be easier to just link to Kohls). I did buy some fall decorative baskets at Kohls a few months ago for our AHR center pieces. I walk in there for one thing and come out $50 later.

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I saw these at Kohl's yesterday and I loved them. I may be back to get some of the 2 toned starfish candles - so cute. I'll have to hide it from FH cuz he's not too happy at all the stuff coming in the mail. We literally have no more room in our suitcases!! But maybe i can have someone else bring a few...idea.gif

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