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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

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(Rated 4.2 stars with 9 reviews)
Rated #8 of 126 Dominican Republic on BDW

The first all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is undoubtedly unforgettable. Nestled along one of the most magnificent white-sand beaches in the Caribbean, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino provides the perfect setting for a wedding that is anything but predictable. From indoor and outdoor spaces perfectly suited for wedding parties of all sizes, this Hard Rock Hotel provides a setting that blends lace and petals with cool and contemporary where you take center stage. Combined with impeccable service, an incomparable culinary team and an event planning staff bursting with fresh new ways to add glamour to your wedding, Hard Rock brings new meaning to celebrating your Love, Love, Love. Complimentary and optional honeymoon packages are also available.


For more information: HardRock@wrighttravelagency.com

Member Reviews


By TuffLuv, · 0 Comments

Pros: The service, amazing rooms, awesome weather, access to the beach, many pools, well Everything.
Cons: Mediocre food
We LOVED everything about this resort. The staff was extremely pleasant and very helpful.  From the time we arrived until the time we left we experienced nothing but the best customer service and treatment. We absolutely loved our wedding coordinator and everyone who had anything to do with our wedding. They helped make our day special, stressless, and simply amazing. My husband I and I are already planning on going back. The resort itself is stunning. It is the largest resort on the island so please bring comfortable shoes. However, they do provide shuttles 24hrs a day to transport you around the island. We loved the many pools, especially Eden. Eden is an adult only pool. The food was tasty, the drinks were plentiful and the pool was gorgeous. The beach was alo wonderful along with the swimup bars. The rooms were awesome and looked just like they did on the HR website.  If I had one complaint, it would be the food was mediocre. However, I didn't expect 5 star restaurant food b/c I understand what I'm used to eating at home is different then what is the norm in the DR. Please don't get me wrong, they have some good restaurants with some delicious meals. You just have to find which ones they are. We loved Isla and the Market's breakfast buffets. We also loves, Ciao's lunch, we never made it there for dinner. Torro, Isla and Ipanema were decent (for dinner). Isla had great seafood. Zen was one of our favorite places we ate. We missed a few of the other restaurants but overall did enjoy our eating experience. The local drink, mamajauna, AWESOME. We bought 2 pre-made bottles for home.       So now, that I've drawn this review out I will say this, HRPC is an amazing resort. We loved every minute of our vacation and we definitely plan to go back. My husband & I joked that it was so big we only got to see half of the resort so when we return we will experience the other side (that we missed).  

By TAKristen, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful Property, Spacious rooms, exciting nightlife
Cons: None!
This resort is fantastic. From the second you arrive you are greeted with amazing service and the décor is so fun. There's rock star memorabilia all over and they play all the greatest hits throughout the day. This resort is definitely for the party crowd. There is always something exciting going on. While we were there it was country week and there were several country rock stars at the resort and they had a big show on the last night we were there complete with red carpet and all. There are several pools around the property that have something for everyone. There is the party pool complete with an amazing dj, an awesome kid zone water area and we found a nice quiet pool to relax in while we watched several weddings happen in the gazebo from the water. This resort has the largest casino on the island and the casino rivals Vegas casinos. There are several restaurants and they are all very large and great for groups. Zen has several teppanyaki tables it makes dinner and a show all in one. Ipanema was fabulous and the open air restaurant was great until the torrential down poor hit, made dinner a little more exciting. Torro has amazing views of the Caribbean Sea and a fantastic selection of steaks. The rooms at this resort are very large and offer a two person Jacuzzi tubs in each room and the oversized bathroom is a perfect place to primp and get ready for the evening. I very much enjoyed my stay and there is so much to do this is definitely on my list to go back as there was not enough time to do it all.
Jenny Exquisite

By Jenny Exquisite, · 0 Comments

AHello my name is Jenny and I am past palace bride. I recently got married at the Hard Rock in DR and enjoyed it so much.

By lsustef, · 0 Comments

Pros: All inclusive, amazing pools and beautiful beaches
Cons: Noisy
I had my symbolic ceremony there on June 13th.   The resort:  It was AMAZING!!!! The place is beautiful.....pictures do not do it justice. Plus it is super cool with all the memorabilia and awesome music playing at all times. You are walking around the resort and will hear Billy Joel one minute, the Beatles the next, then STP. Super cool. The water is beautiful....they have these cool little huts on the beach for shade....so nice! The pools are fun. They all have a different feel to them, some are laid back, some loud bc of the DJ and games. The food is really good....Zen and Toro were our favorite places for dinner. We mostly ate breakfast at the buffet and lunch was burgers by the pool. The rooms are huge for a hotel! Big double head shower, giant jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room. Not all balconies have a beach view....so our view was of the gardens, which is still nice. The resort is massive, but they have trollies taking you to the pools and beach area, but it's not a bad walk at all (esp after a big breakfast!). Night life is great. They have the Sun Bar which was Karaoke and pool tables, the Moon Lounge (which was our favorite bc of the decor...big purple chairs, chandeliers) which has a DJ, the Casino, and then Oro the nightclub which was free the night we went for hotel guests. The only downfall was the noise, bc it is all tile and the halls are open air, so when people are coming in late at night you hear everything! We thought our phone was ringing in our room, but it was the room across the hall! But that was minor! I would definitely go back!   The Ceremony: The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  The coordinators there are very friendly and helpful.  We got there on a Monday, met with them on Tuesday and finalized all the details, set up spa appointments, set up honeymoon dinners, our breakfast in bed, etc.  They really do it up for honeymooners!  The ceremony location was Isla Beach which is gorgeous!  It is all the way on one end of the resort so it is somewhat private...but don't worry they pick up up right before on a golf cart so no walking to get there (but they don't bring you back, FYI!)  I was worried about the minister not speaking English, but he did and was so nice and gave a beautiful ceremony!  It was just my husband and I so it was really only 5-10 minutes and that was it!
TA Babs

By TA Babs, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beach, casino, service
Cons: Very busy
The only way to describe this resort is it is like taking a huge Vegas resort and putting it on an amazing beach in the Caribbean. And making it all inclusive. How does it get any better? I wasn't sure how I would feel about such a massive resort but it was quite enjoyable. It is nice to have so many options for dining, activities, lounging and wandering. 

The rooms are very spacious especially the bathrooms and shower. Wi-fi in the rooms is excellent and for someone who works while traveling, I love being able to call to the US for free. We were located at the end of building 1 so we were equi-distant to the beach and the boulevard. We never used the trams as we found the walks very enjoyable. So many cool bugs and critters along the way. Stop by the man-made river and you can often spot cute little baby turtles!

Our favorite restaurants were Ipanema and Zen. Toro was very good as well. What we really liked at Toro was the lights were really bright and you could see how drunk some people really were :-) The creperie was great for a sweet snack as well. And being big coffee drinkers, we loved the coffee machines everywhere! The buffets are exactly what you would expect from them. Overall, for such a huge place, I thought the food was well prepared and had a huge variety which is great if you are with a big group. 

We encountered great service everywhere. For people who complain that the employees don't speak English, it's most likely due to the fact that you are in another country. Stop making Americans look bad with these comments, it's so ignorant. Try learning their language crazy as it sounds! When you do speak Spanish to them, their faces light up! 

The spa was huge and had great amenities but my only complaint is that it is so huge, they round everyone up according to times (5'oclock appointments here!) and then call your name out like it is the 1st day of school and they are taking attendance. They then herd you to the common area and it is very impersonal for what you are paying. That would be my only complaint though. 

The beach is one of the most beautiful I have been to in the Caribbean. Powder soft sand and they were cleaned of seaweed throughout the day. I would return to this resort in a heartbeat. I especially recommend it for groups.
Pros: cool, modern vibe with great amenities and no restaurant reservations
Cons: HUGE-takes a few days to see it all
This is an amazing all inclusive with a lot of little "extras" that you will not get in other all inclusive.  We had our wedding here with 50 guests in April 2012, and we highly recommend it!   Booking the actual wedding and communication was a nightmare with the Miami office and would definitely suggest you try to book directly with the hotel.  Once we were hooked up with the Hard Rock on site planners it was amazing and made it all worth while!  The wedding and private reception were beautiful dn you really felt like they cared to make your special day stress free and beautiful.   Our guests we very impressed and many said it was the best vacation and best wedding they had been to. The on site coordinator was able to make everything happen.  My advice would be to book minimum with their Miami office:  date, base # of guests, package choice, and locations and finish all of the details and add ons with the on site planner.   Food was very good for an all inclusive.  There were many extras, not found at other resorts, like an ice cream shop, coffee shop and sandwich shop for quick snacks.  Zen and the American restaurant next to the Pizza restaurant were best!  The salon was surprisingly good, but I recommend you bring a picture of the style you want.   The spa is amazing, definitely try the hydro therapy circuit even if you don't do any treatments! You can use your credit for the circut and experience the spa.   As for resort credit, we recommend the romantic dinner on a nice night (so worth it)  It is located each night at the bongos pool and has a nice feel.  Food was great.  We also recommend to use your resort credit on the chef dinner, the spa.The resort credit photo package is great if you want casual pictures. Our photographer was a professional and specialized in weddings so he did an amazing beach photo shoot. An added plus!   The rooms were great.  Spacious, clean, modern.  There is not much difference in the wedding suites.  Mostly a bit bigger and wedding and love inspired artwork.  Make sure you get your Pink Honeymoon wristbands.  They make a difference in the service and perks you get!   Don't miss the quieter pools, Bongos, Eden and Sax for a relaxing vibe!   If you are getting married there will be a special suprize in your room when you arrive and after your wedding.  Very cute!    

By Brandy, · 0 Comments

Pros: Gorgeous and large property
Cons: Food
We did not get married at the Hard Rock, but we did honeymoon here and I just wanted to write a little something and post some photos for anyone interested in the resort   The resort itself is gorgeous!!!! Its very large and its hard to get bored here, plenty to do, plenty of pools and an amazing beach!   Arrival: The cutest airport I have ever been to, however the wait to get through everything takes a while, about an hour and a half to get through the lines, ride to the resort is about 30 minutes with no stops, we arrived at the resort and they take care of your luggage and everything for you, checking in took a little bit of time, but probably because they had us booked under a regular room, we were supposed to be labeled as honeymooners which matters because they give you a different color bracelet and you get a few extras as well, so checking in took about 45 minutes, then we were off to our room and our luggage was not far behind us. Front Entrance     Check In Desk:     Rooms: The rooms were the best I have ever stayed in, we stayed in the junior islander suite one step up from the basic room, its a very large room, with a king sized bed and a large jacuzzi tub a few steps down from the bed, a stocked mini bar and fridge, and the best bathroom ever :)  Double sinks with a large shower with 2 shower heads and sitting area and a seperate water closet with a phone in it haha, a really great balcony with lounge chairs, here a few photos we took of our room, we stayed on the second level in building #3               View from our room/balcony:   Beach & Pools: The beach and the pools are so amazing, there are always people walking around asking if you need anything to drink or eat and will bring it right back to you in no time, it was so nice to just relax in the pool and have someone take care of you and that they did! The beach is one of the nicest I have seen, the sand is the softest! The only downfall and this is just a personal opinion is the waves/ocean is really rough, I only got in one time because it was a bit much for me :) the pools are the perfect temperature and there are plenty to choose from!             Bars: We didnt spend alot of time in the bars, but the sun bar was pretty entertaining for the most part since they have karaoke in there every night, I think our favorite place was the moon lounge on the nights that the rock band played, they were REALLY good and take requests too!   Casino: The casino was very large and great if you like to gamble, we spent just about every night in here, the only downfall is they do allow smoking, some nights are worse than others, but its tolerable for the most part, they have slot machines, tables and everything, they even have poker tournaments some nights, my hubby and I did one and he came in 2nd place!!  It was a lot of fun, this is also the location of the night club, but we did not go in there, you do have to pay cover to enter the nightclub and the drinks are not included in the night club.   Spa: Out of this world!!!!!!!  I cant say enough good things about the spa, a couple of recommendations: Book AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE!! they fill up really fast and the only thing we were able to book was a couples facial which was great but I would have preferred a massage, also get there an hour to a hour and half before your appointment so you can enjoy the stuff before hand, someone will be there to greet you and walk you through to do all the extras which was a steam room, shower, sauna, ice room, mud room, jacuzzi.... def a must do!  The facial was spectacular and after your done they take you over to this pool and sit you in luounge chairs to relax and give you hot tea and you can get in the pool or jacuzzi if you want to, Spa is a must do while your here!   Shows: The only show we went to was the Michael Jackson show which was actually pretty good, it was something different to do and entertaining.   Free honeymoon package: As soon as we arrived they brought us a honeymoon cake and some champagne, I believe there was supposed to be some other stuff included but we did not get that, but the cake and champage was really nice, also while we were there we celebrated my hubby's 30th birthday, and they also brought us a cake to the table when we were out to dinner at Toro's Steakhouse, they came out and sang happy birthday, it was really great!     Food: Now heres where I think the resort falls a little short, the food was not that great at all, the best food we had I would say was at the Japense steakhouse, and the worst was at the Mexican place, the Italian Ciao was pretty decent I would rank that second best, the buffet/The Market was not good at all for any of the meals, Toro I would rank 3rd, I did not get the steak though (this is the steakhouse) the the chicken was delicious, the brazilian place was okay, I would rank that 4th, Market 5th and Mexican 6th, those were the only places we ate at, we at by the pools at lunch time and that food was fairly decent, the central pool has nachos and fajitas which were pretty good.                                                                                      Resort Credits/Photography: We ended up using the $1500 credits on our spa treatments and the rest of photography, I would say the credits were fairly easy to use, the only downfall is you do have to pay the 16% sales tax on the photography package out of pocket, so our $1,000 package was free but we had to pay 160.00 in taxes.  The photography was okay, we ended up with 15 photos and out of those 15 I proably only really liked maybe 3 of them, but they were practically free, and we wantd some photos so fro what it was Im happy with them.   Overall this was a decent resort, but its the kind of place that you just go to once and scratch it off your travel bucket list, I wouldnt go back again, but we did have a nice time here! If you have any questions please feel free to PM me, Im sure Im forgetting a few things to mention.     Heres just a  few extra photos around the resort:          
Pros: Beautiful Property, nice staff on site
Cons: Incredibly difficult to contact, unorganized
This resort has the most beautiful property I have found. It boasts incredible ammenities, promises brides everything and anything they want and The staff onsite are incredible. Once you get there it is a fabulous experience. However...

Right now this company is in the process of changing from Palace Resorts to the Hard Rock enterprise. Because of this, misinformation, poor communication, or no communication at all is guaranteed.              I have had my rooms blocked off and my wedding booked there for over a year. 30 days from my wedding I have yet to be contacted by a wedding coordinator by palace resorts, which is promised to be in their terms of service, done within 2 -4 months before your wedding day.  The contract also says that you must pay for your wedding in full 45 days before your wedding. I have been asking for pricing information, a contact from the resort, and a wedding quote since December of last year and the resort is all but refusing to return any correspondence. The 3 times the resorts has acknowledged my emails or concerns went as follows: 1. Through my wedding travel coordinator, and once through the Face book page when I posted how horrible their service has been.  Both times they assigned me a coordinator. The first time they assigned me to a woman named Renee Foreman, who scheduled an appointment with me and then never called. 2. 3 months later after a particularly frustrated rant on their facebook page (which they deleted, even though it did not contain anything remotely inappropriate) they assigned me to another agent named Maylen Ortega, who called me an hour before our actual scheduled meeting time, planned the whole wedding with me on the phone and told me she was going to mail me a quote that day. That afternoon I emailed her to check up on this and change a few things when I got a return message that her email was no longer valid. I called her phone and it was disconnected.  I called and emailed someone new every other day for 3 weeks, then today I find out she is no longer with the company and they didn’t bother to assign me to another coordinator or contact me, even though I have been calling asking about it for 3 weeks.  I cannot believe it is so difficult to tell someone how much they plan on charging them for their wedding!
        Once we got to the resort however, everything changed. The onsite staff are amazing and they will do whatever it takes to make your stay beautiful and memorable. If I were to do this over again I think I would have just booked the complimentary wedding, and planned everything once I got here. i do not regret having my wedding or honeymoon here one bit. It was a fantastic experience! Just don't expect any communication before you get here!!     -Jac

By Tatiana, · 0 Comments

Pros: locations, service, people, amazing rooms, amazing food
Cons: price, location, comunication
Great hotel, great service! amazing rooms, good food, I higly recomend