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Dominican Republic
Hard to plan anything, but in the end worth it!
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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

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By JJ512, · 1,425 Views · 7 Comments

Pros: Beautiful Property, nice staff on site
Cons: Incredibly difficult to contact, unorganized


This resort has the most beautiful property I have found. It boasts incredible ammenities, promises brides everything and anything they want and The staff onsite are incredible. Once you get there it is a fabulous experience. However...

Right now this company is in the process of changing from Palace Resorts to the Hard Rock enterprise. Because of this, misinformation, poor communication, or no communication at all is guaranteed. 

            I have had my rooms blocked off and my wedding booked there for over a year. 30 days from my wedding I have yet to be contacted by a wedding coordinator by palace resorts, which is promised to be in their terms of service, done within 2 -4 months before your wedding day.  The contract also says that you must pay for your wedding in full 45 days before your wedding. I have been asking for pricing information, a contact from the resort, and a wedding quote since December of last year and the resort is all but refusing to return any correspondence. The 3 times the resorts has acknowledged my emails or concerns went as follows:

1. Through my wedding travel coordinator, and once through the Face book page when I posted how horrible their service has been.  Both times they assigned me a coordinator. The first time they assigned me to a woman named Renee Foreman, who scheduled an appointment with me and then never called. 2. 3 months later after a particularly frustrated rant on their facebook page (which they deleted, even though it did not contain anything remotely inappropriate) they assigned me to another agent named Maylen Ortega, who called me an hour before our actual scheduled meeting time, planned the whole wedding with me on the phone and told me she was going to mail me a quote that day. That afternoon I emailed her to check up on this and change a few things when I got a return message that her email was no longer valid. I called her phone and it was disconnected.  I called and emailed someone new every other day for 3 weeks, then today I find out she is no longer with the company and they didn’t bother to assign me to another coordinator or contact me, even though I have been calling asking about it for 3 weeks.  I cannot believe it is so difficult to tell someone how much they plan on charging them for their wedding!
        Once we got to the resort however, everything changed. The onsite staff are amazing and they will do whatever it takes to make your stay beautiful and memorable. If I were to do this over again I think I would have just booked the complimentary wedding, and planned everything once I got here. i do not regret having my wedding or honeymoon here one bit. It was a fantastic experience! Just don't expect any communication before you get here!!





Thank you for sharing. I'm facinated by this place as a wedding destination, and after reading your story i have to say i was terrified. Until i got to the very end of course. Now, I look foward to meeting the staff and start the preparations for my wedding. I hope they meet and exceed my expectations because I'm very particular. I hope the onsite staff are as courteous as they sound.


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I am so glad to hear that once you get there things change. I am going through the same thing you went through. I finally spoke with a wedding coordinator the other day after months of me trying to contact someone. So glad that your wedding was amazing!


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I went for a wedding my friend had for October 2011. I had the best time in my life ! But the for my friend it didn't go so well for her wedding. They didn't give her anything she asked for. I tried to help her with the wedding coordinator that was there and every time I would ask her something she would answer "I don't know" I got fed up and asked her "What do you know ?" she said that the person who was in charge was away on vacation and didn't left her any information!!! I couldn't believe what she told me. I had to be the MC for my friend ! it was pretty bad.

Now I'm getting married and I soooooooo want the Hard Rock because I had the best time ever and I want my guest to have a great time but I'm scare to go through this process and also it seems like all their decor is wayyyyy expensive !


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I hear this is a beautiful resort, but how can you budget for a wedding if theres no communication through this process?? I have heard a few horror stories from brides that decided just to wait til they got to the Hard Rock & then plan the wedding - things were WAY more expensive than they thought and things weren't done correctly. This isn't how a resort should treat their brides. We have 163 people coming for our destination wedding in La Romana, and I have probably talked to/emailed with our wedding coordinator at the resort over 100 times. She responds to emails within a day or two and has been great with our budget.


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jessicalynneh which resort in La Romana are you having your wedding at? I'm still trying to plan mine and can't decide. I like the Hard Rock's benefits for the couple in terms of upgrades and the private functions but I just can't imagine asking my guest to pay over 400/night.


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