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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Nursejazz Hello ladies! I am new to the forum and I have been reading all the posts and getting some really great ideas! I have my wedding date confirmed for July 26,2014 and I am getting married in the Garden Gazebo. I have Yanna as my wedding planner and I am having tons of trouble communicating with her. I have read posts that they are not good with emailing back, so I guess it's something I have to deal with. I am thinking of doing my reception in the ballroom since their will be AC. Does anyone know of any vendors that may speak English for the Tiffany chairs? Also how far in advance did you guys start to confirm things like center pieces, decorations etc with your WC. I would like to do it now as I do not like doing things last minute. Hi Nursejazz, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How long does it usually take Yanna to get back to you when you email her? How many people do you have booked for your wedding so far? (This can sometimes affect their response time if you don't have anyone booked yet - they tend to prioritize people using travel agents & people who have a good amount of guests booked in their room block already.) In regards to the vendors with the Tiffany chairs - there is a post in this thread about a vendor who can provide them, but they only speak spanish. I know they can be pricey at the resort but depending on the number of guests you have, you can usually get them to lower the price by a few dollars. Also just something to think about - getting them from an outside vendor can be a bit of a pain since the resort is then NOT responsible if anything happens and they don't get there on time, etc., and its just an added thing you will have to deal with on your wedding day. The ballroom is gorgeous, thats where we had our reception and it was perfect! You should be able to get confirmations on things as you go, and they will re-confirm everything with you about a month or so before your actual wedding. Just keep in mind that they do concentrate more on the brides whose weddings are closer since they have around 6-10 weddings a week and there are only 2 wedding coordinators. Also, about the cakes - their cakes are very simple but they're done really nicely and are delicious. If you bring your own decorations, they will do a fantastic job decorating the cake for you, also. Their bakeries in the Dominican aren't like ours here in the States when it comes to luxury wedding cakes. The demand just really isn't there for what we're used to having as options. But like I said, theyre very pretty and soo good! I sent Jenny (who was my WC) a picture of a pretty simple cake (by US standards) and she said we could have them make a FAKE cake that looked like that for $350 and then pass out sheet cake for the guests, lol! Obviously, we didn't do that! And we were very happy with our cake from the resort!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by flyingchild Yanna is my WC...I asked her three times that if we can have the ballroom...at first she told me it depends on how many guests I have because the ballroom might be too big and she recommends the onsite restaurants. I told her we are expecting 50-60 guests, do you think the ballroom would be too big for the number of guests we are having? Yanna never answered this question. In the last email she told me she can book and confirm restaurants but not the ballroom...I am greatly confused by that. I don't really want to pay the extra $300 rental fee unless the restaurant is really that much better looking than the ballroom. Hmm thats so strange that she won't let you reserve it, I would push her for it if thats where you want to have it! The ballrooms are beautiful...and when you first walk into the building with the ballrooms its gorgeous too, all marble and just really pretty and classy. There are like 8 different ballrooms....I think theres 4 or 5 small ones, and then 3 larger ones. But the larger ones definitely wouldn't be too big for that many people! If you go on the Dreams la Romana website: http://dreamsresorts.com/la-romana/weddings and click on the Destination Wedding Guide, there are the ballrooms and the measurements of them in there.
  3. Hi ladies! Haven't been on here in so long since my wedding was almost a year ago but just checking in - love to hear ab all the new DLR brides!! Just a tip ladies, if you know where you want to have all of your events (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, etc.) make sure you get it confirmed from your WC since there are more than one wedding per day if you don't you could have an issue. On my wedding day there were 2 other weddings and another bride thought she was getting married at the garden gazebo but we had it reserved for over a year out, so she ended up having to change her wedding day to Friday instead of Saturday about 4 months before her wedding so that she could have her ceremony there. Good luck with planning and feel free to PM me if you have any questions ab anything, or want to see pictures of anything - and don't worry about the resort - we've been there twice and it's absolutely beautiful Our wedding was amazing!
  4. Who is your WC? I got married last November and Jenny was my WC & she reserved the ballrooms (we used 2 of the 3 large ones as one huge room bc we had 155 guests attend) for us with no question. The ballrooms are beautiful!
  5. Although you may not want to pay for a DJ, I would HIGHLY recommend paying for their sound system...it will include microphones and they set everything up for you and you can hook your iPod up to it. Your own speakers won't be loud enough for your guests to hear - especially if its a little windy. The resort's sound system was fantastic outside.
  6. We didn't have the sky fireworks display, but we did have the fireworks around the dance floor for our first dance and they were gorgeous...all of the guests loved them, and they are definitely not something you will really ever see in the States! The food at the wedding was FANTASTIC - and I am picky! We were able to create our own cocktail hour & dinner menu (we picked from the options given but were able to do lobster tail, ribeye, chicken, mahi mahi for the main courses and we picked our salads and side dishes also - we had a buffet because we had 150 people, and it was great!) The chef that caters the wedding is an outside vendor and so it is much more upscale than the regular resort food. Also, if you were thinking of the fireworks but wanted something a little bit cheaper (they start at $600 for either 60 or 90 seconds I believe), we did Sky Lanterns at the Rehearsal Dinner and the guests absolutely LOVED them - that was a lot of people's favorite part of the whole trip, they are amazing. Another girl whose wedding was the day before ours did Sky Lanterns at her wedding and they were gorgeous also. Plus they're fun because they're interactive. And I bought 85 of the eco-friendly ones for about $125 including shipping. These are a few of the pictures from our Rehearsal Dinner on the beach when everyone did the lanterns. (We sprung for a photographer for the event...totally amazing and worth it!!)
  7. My husband & I just got married in the DR in November, and we had 155 guests attend, so we had 90 of these to transport. We got the biodegradable ones, and had absolutely no issue with having them in our checked luggage. Here are some pictures! Totally worth it, it was one of our favorite things - we did this on the rehearsal dinner night - had dinner, showed a slideshow on the beach, did the lanterns, & bonfire afterwards - everyone loved it!! (We also had a photographer for that night so he could catch these amazing shots!)
  8. I don't know about makeup artists, all of the ones I looked at had a minimum requirement for people (so you and all the bridesmaids would have to get it done, etc.) and it was very expensive. Are you or anyone who is attending the wedding really good at makeup? I went out & bought great makeup from Sephora called HD - its amazing in pictures, and great even in the humidity & heat (made for being on tv and in photographs), and all the girls helped eachother with their makeup. I also did lashes so that my eyes popped a little more. It was fun for us and saved alot of money, and everyone looked amazing and it lasted all night! The girls at Sephora can give you a lesson on applying it so that if you do decide to use it, you can practice as much as you want beforehand! I did this bc I am super picky ab my makeup and didn't like how the resort did it either!
  9. No one got upset stomachs from the wedding food, just in general at the resort - just wanted to make that clear sorry!!
  10. We had 160 guests at our wedding in November, and no one got food poisoning!! We had the buffet at the wedding and everyone LOVED it. Some people did get upset stomachs bc of the difference in the food, but they just took immodium and were fine (its like going to any other strange place - your body isn't used to it!) No one got food poisoning!!
  11. What did you guys pay for them?? Which package did you get??
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