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  1. Thank you Tuffluv! Any questions you have about once you get there please feel free to ask! We did the complimentary collection and it was pretty. Honestly the ceremony was so fast I couldn't see spending money on any thing else, plus it was just the two of us. If I had a bunch of other people coming I may have splurged.
  2. No problem. Here is the link to our pictures: http://www.katyanovablog.com/hard-rock-punta-cana-elopement-stef-donnie/
  3. Honestly, we met with them only because we felt obligated (I had already booked Katya Nova....worth EVERY penny) For what they were charging for so little pictures and time, it was crazy. We got over 4 hours of coverage and over 600 pictures for double what they were charging for 50 pictures and they took no time. The poor wedding after ours the photographer was over and done with them while we were still taking pictures an hour later.
  4. Hi! The do not let you use your credits for hair and make up. They changed the policy in March. I was lucky to be able to use mine since I had booked before March 1st...but that was a fight for them to let me do it. It took me getting annoyed for them to cave.
  5. I had my symbolic ceremony there on June 13th. I left a review of the resort as well as the wedding staff. I also used Katya Nova for photography, I have a review of her as well.....she is an amazingly talented person and is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! You can see our photos here http://www.katyanovablog.com/hard-rock-punta-cana-elopement-stef-donnie/ If you have any questions let me know!
  6. I had my symbolic ceremony there on June 13th. The resort: It was AMAZING!!!! The place is beautiful.....pictures do not do it justice. Plus it is super cool with all the memorabilia and awesome music playing at all times. You are walking around the resort and will hear Billy Joel one minute, the Beatles the next, then STP. Super cool. The water is beautiful....they have these cool little huts on the beach for shade....so nice! The pools are fun. They all have a different feel to them, some are laid back, some loud bc of the DJ and games. The food is really good....Zen and Toro were our favorite places for dinner. We mostly ate breakfast at the buffet and lunch was burgers by the pool. The rooms are huge for a hotel! Big double head shower, giant jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room. Not all balconies have a beach view....so our view was of the gardens, which is still nice. The resort is massive, but they have trollies taking you to the pools and beach area, but it's not a bad walk at all (esp after a big breakfast!). Night life is great. They have the Sun Bar which was Karaoke and pool tables, the Moon Lounge (which was our favorite bc of the decor...big purple chairs, chandeliers) which has a DJ, the Casino, and then Oro the nightclub which was free the night we went for hotel guests. The only downfall was the noise, bc it is all tile and the halls are open air, so when people are coming in late at night you hear everything! We thought our phone was ringing in our room, but it was the room across the hall! But that was minor! I would definitely go back! The Ceremony: The wedding ceremony was beautiful. The coordinators there are very friendly and helpful. We got there on a Monday, met with them on Tuesday and finalized all the details, set up spa appointments, set up honeymoon dinners, our breakfast in bed, etc. They really do it up for honeymooners! The ceremony location was Isla Beach which is gorgeous! It is all the way on one end of the resort so it is somewhat private...but don't worry they pick up up right before on a golf cart so no walking to get there (but they don't bring you back, FYI!) I was worried about the minister not speaking English, but he did and was so nice and gave a beautiful ceremony! It was just my husband and I so it was really only 5-10 minutes and that was it! The pictures: We used Katya Nova for our pictures....which I am so lucky that we were able to get her! I have no words to express how my husband and I feel about our pictures from Katya and Rob. Love does not even come close! I have looked at them no less than 20 times and I cry just about every time! I still can't believe it is us in these amazing pictures…..they look like they need to be in a fashion magazine! We will never be able to decide which our favorite is; the next one is always our favorite! Katya and Rob are just as sweet, fun, and genuine in person as they present on the Internet, which is hard to come by these days when you are dealing with wedding vendors or anyone trying to sell you something. They really took the time to get to know us separately and as a couple and it truly shows in our pictures. You can tell that this is more than just a job for them, it is a passion. We had the best time with them taking pictures, hanging out, laughing and just generally having a great time! It was really one of the highlights of our trip. From the pre-wedding in our hotel room, the ceremony, post ceremony, and the sunrise Rock the Dress session we had a blast! You wouldn’t think taking pictures would be so much fun! We were so blessed to find each other and just as lucky to have them capture the start of our lives in such a beautiful way. They are worth every penny! You can check out our pictures on her blog, http://www.katyanovablog.com/hard-rock-punta-cana-elopement-stef-donnie/ I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask! (I really don't know why the font size keeps changing...must be all the copy and pasting...sorry!)
  7. It's June 14th.....but we are actually getting married here first on June 9th. So the 14th will be a symbolic ceremony. My second choice was Karina Jensen. I had just started looking at her work when we decided to move things up and Katya was available. Yeah.....I'm from New Orleans, so I don't mess with hurricanes but I figure early june will be ok since it's typically not that bad so early in the season. I probably just jinxed myself!
  8. I would also love pictures other than the posed one's they send you. I have a phone meeting with the coordinator next week and she is wanting to hear my ideas. Lsustef@aol.com Thanks a bunch!
  9. Did anyone have a civil ceremony there? I am really confused on the documents needed and worried about the cost of translation of all of our documents. I'm starting to think it may be easier to get married here and have a symbolic ceremony there afterwards.
  10. For those who had a civil ceremony in Punta Cana how hard was it to get all the documentation that was needed? Translations? Apostilla......what is that exactly? I'm so confused! I'm also worried about additional costs to get all this done!
  11. From what I understand you can book through a travel agent, but thay have to book directly through hard rock (instead of an expedia, orbitz, etc) in order for you to get the amenities of having a group (like the free nights, free cocktail hour, etc). The only thing is they do not book airfare, so you are on your own for that one. So it is wise to go through a travel agent and have them be the middle man between you and the hard rock and deal with getting airfare situated. t
  12. I have Mia. I just spoke with her for the first time yesterday so I can't say how she is. She seemed nice on the phone though.
  13. I just emailed her to see if she is available for my date. I am waiting to hear back....fingers crossed!!!
  14. Can someone send me a price list as well? Lsustef@aol.com It's so overwhelming to pick a place so far away!
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