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  1. We used the standard included photographer supplied by the HR, Smile Market. We were happy with the pictures, especially because it was SO WINDY that day!!! I was afraid the photos would be ruined with my hair blowing from the strong wind, but they managed to make it work. They had a set agenda that they probably did for every wedding, your input was not really included. It was very quick and I was surprised by all of the shots they got in such a short time. Some pictures were color, some black and white and had a dreamy quality to them. They took about 150 and showed us about 110. We chose 50. We upgraded the basic book included package for the more upgraded photo book, which we love, it was worth the few hundred extra (and it was mailed very quickly) My husband's best man is a professional photographer, so he did the rest after the actual ceremony. I think Smile Market is a good standard choice, but we chose it because we had our own back up, personal photographer who shot post, and pre wedding. Smile Market does a nice job, but you do not speak with the photographer before the ceremony and it is kind of a whirlwind. There is not time to discuss shots you want. They do cover most bases, but expect to only get ceremony shots and a short session on the beach afterward. We were happily shocked afterward, that the 15 min they spent shooting after the ceremony shooting photos looked like an hour worth of shots. They pack in the photo opps and you are done, and off to your reception. The knew what worked for every wedding and stayed with that. All in all we thought it was a good option. I included a few photos below. MelandEd Wed, I will email you some photos of the actual ceremony and reception, but it is the old collection, since I had to change in the last min, because the elegant ivory had not arrived yet. Also, I arranged my guests accommodations through my travel agent, only because I knew some guests would appreciate being able to pay in installments, since the hotel is a bit expensive.
  2. Yes you should ask you on site planner. We had 2 dancers for about 10 minutes. I just wanted a short show and a nice surprise for our guests. The dancers were awesome and they had my husband and I join them. They had a "fire umbrella" that they spun around us. It was a great photo op. It was a long enough performance to make an impression and the price was right! They were right on time and stayed hidden until we were ready. Good Luck!
  3. We were married at the Hard Rock in April with 50 guests on Playa Isla. The best advice I can give is the same as LH Sunnie. Don't listen to everything that Renee says. The Miami office has a standard answer for everything, as not to over promise, but the WC on site are much more accommodating. I know it is hard to wait until that close to your wedding day, but the on site WC are very resourceful. Book your basics in Miami, and know that you can always add items or services at the Hard Rock and WC can accommodate many things quickly. It was raining on the morning of my wedding and they were able to accommodate a full indoor ceremony and reception change. (they look at the weather at 12 and ask you to decide from there) I didn't plan for indoor, so I wanted extra decor to make the banquet room look good. They were able to have it confirmed in 15 minutes. Then, the weather suddenly changed back to sunshine unexpectedly, and I was able to go back to my original outdoor plan within 3 hours of the wedding. I was able to keep of cancel the extras I had ordered for indoor. The on site WC are very professional and resourceful. I had Jacqueline, and she was able to take care of everything that I was panicking about in our emails and phone call two weeks before. Jacqueline simply picked up the phone and asked their flower or decoration vendors my question and made everything happen. Since they do several wedding daily there is is really just part of their daily routine to set up and make changes. They have the resources and work with their partners seamlessly. It is us, the brides who are worried about it! You may also find a better price or more detailed answers with the on site WC. I asked the Miami office for a quote for entertainment. I wanted a show of fire dancers. They quoted me over $900. When I spoke with Jacqueline on email 2 weeks in advance about entertainment she was able to get me the dancers for only $450. They were the hit surprise of our wedding.
  4. Hi Ladies. We had an amazing wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana in April. I would be happy to answer any questions, as I know the information process is very delayed when working with the Miami office. I will caution you to be very sure before you submit any final payment to the Miami office. They offered me the new collection and I paid for it. I planned my wedding colors and style around it so that everything would coordinate. Then I saw on line that the new collection was then not available for my wedding date. I contacted the office to get an answer of what package would be available. Only the old collection (precious gems) was available, but they hadn't intended of informing me. I was promised a refund of the unavailable items. I am still waiting (3 months and counting) for a refund for table decor and ceremony decor that was not available. The Miami office is the most frustrating part of the process. Dealing with the Miami office is not a luxury experience. The on site wedding planners are amazing and extremely professional. You would be surprised what they can make happen!! I felt extremely secure with them. I also found that there were some things that they got cheaper than the Miami office. For example, I asked the Miami office for a quote on entertainment. Miami gave me a price of $900. I decide not to book it due to price, but when I spoke with the WP at HR directly she got it for me for $450!! They were able to get me amazing flower options and even set up the items I brought with me for the reception without a charge. Make sure you get the PINK honeymooners band when you check in. You are treated like royalty, and the pre wedding and post wedding in room extras are a great surprise! I also highly reccomend that you book your reception somewhere near your ceremony. I know the element terrace is popular, however it is a long hike for you guests even on the tram. We were married on the ilsa beach and had reception on the roof og the Toro. I would highly suggest getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, but if possible, try to do a site visit and set up your wedding with the wedding planners there. As I mentioned, I have been waiting 3 months already for a refund on a mistake the Miami office made. My tip would be to book the basics that you are 100% sure on with Miami if you mus,t and know that the WP at HR can get you everything else through email 2 weeks before and on site. They work with the outside vendors daily and it is second nature. Very easy and seamless. Or I highly recommend working directly with the hotel, via a on site visit prior if possible.
  5. A great wedding, when it all came together!

    Pros: cool, modern vibe with great amenities and no restaurant reservations
    Cons: HUGE-takes a few days to see it all
    This is an amazing all inclusive with a lot of little "extras" that you will not get in other all inclusive.  We had our wedding here with 50 guests in April 2012, and we highly recommend it!   Booking the actual wedding and communication was a nightmare with the Miami office and would definitely suggest you try to book directly with the hotel.  Once we were hooked up with the Hard Rock on site planners it was amazing and made it all worth while!  The wedding and private reception were bea
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