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Dominican Republic
Honeymoon at the Hard Rock
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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana

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By Brandy, · 1,042 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Gorgeous and large property
Cons: Food

We did not get married at the Hard Rock, but we did honeymoon here and I just wanted to write a little something and post some photos for anyone interested in the resort


The resort itself is gorgeous!!!! Its very large and its hard to get bored here, plenty to do, plenty of pools and an amazing beach!



The cutest airport I have ever been to, however the wait to get through everything takes a while, about an hour and a half to get through the lines, ride to the resort is about 30 minutes with no stops, we arrived at the resort and they take care of your luggage and everything for you, checking in took a little bit of time, but probably because they had us booked under a regular room, we were supposed to be labeled as honeymooners which matters because they give you a different color bracelet and you get a few extras as well, so checking in took about 45 minutes, then we were off to our room and our luggage was not far behind us.

Front Entrance





Check In Desk:





The rooms were the best I have ever stayed in, we stayed in the junior islander suite one step up from the basic room, its a very large room, with a king sized bed and a large jacuzzi tub a few steps down from the bed, a stocked mini bar and fridge, and the best bathroom ever :)  Double sinks with a large shower with 2 shower heads and sitting area and a seperate water closet with a phone in it haha, a really great balcony with lounge chairs, here a few photos we took of our room, we stayed on the second level in building #3













View from our room/balcony:


Beach & Pools:

The beach and the pools are so amazing, there are always people walking around asking if you need anything to drink or eat and will bring it right back to you in no time, it was so nice to just relax in the pool and have someone take care of you and that they did!

The beach is one of the nicest I have seen, the sand is the softest! The only downfall and this is just a personal opinion is the waves/ocean is really rough, I only got in one time because it was a bit much for me :) the pools are the perfect temperature and there are plenty to choose from!















We didnt spend alot of time in the bars, but the sun bar was pretty entertaining for the most part since they have karaoke in there every night, I think our favorite place was the moon lounge on the nights that the rock band played, they were REALLY good and take requests too!



The casino was very large and great if you like to gamble, we spent just about every night in here, the only downfall is they do allow smoking, some nights are worse than others, but its tolerable for the most part, they have slot machines, tables and everything, they even have poker tournaments some nights, my hubby and I did one and he came in 2nd place!!  It was a lot of fun, this is also the location of the night club, but we did not go in there, you do have to pay cover to enter the nightclub and the drinks are not included in the night club.



Out of this world!!!!!!!  I cant say enough good things about the spa, a couple of recommendations: Book AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE!! they fill up really fast and the only thing we were able to book was a couples facial which was great but I would have preferred a massage, also get there an hour to a hour and half before your appointment so you can enjoy the stuff before hand, someone will be there to greet you and walk you through to do all the extras which was a steam room, shower, sauna, ice room, mud room, jacuzzi.... def a must do!  The facial was spectacular and after your done they take you over to this pool and sit you in luounge chairs to relax and give you hot tea and you can get in the pool or jacuzzi if you want to, Spa is a must do while your here!



The only show we went to was the Michael Jackson show which was actually pretty good, it was something different to do and entertaining.


Free honeymoon package:

As soon as we arrived they brought us a honeymoon cake and some champagne, I believe there was supposed to be some other stuff included but we did not get that, but the cake and champage was really nice, also while we were there we celebrated my hubby's 30th birthday, and they also brought us a cake to the table when we were out to dinner at Toro's Steakhouse, they came out and sang happy birthday, it was really great!






Now heres where I think the resort falls a little short, the food was not that great at all, the best food we had I would say was at the Japense steakhouse, and the worst was at the Mexican place, the Italian Ciao was pretty decent I would rank that second best, the buffet/The Market was not good at all for any of the meals, Toro I would rank 3rd, I did not get the steak though (this is the steakhouse) the the chicken was delicious, the brazilian place was okay, I would rank that 4th, Market 5th and Mexican 6th, those were the only places we ate at, we at by the pools at lunch time and that food was fairly decent, the central pool has nachos and fajitas which were pretty good.



Resort Credits/Photography:

We ended up using the $1500 credits on our spa treatments and the rest of photography, I would say the credits were fairly easy to use, the only downfall is you do have to pay the 16% sales tax on the photography package out of pocket, so our $1,000 package was free but we had to pay 160.00 in taxes.  The photography was okay, we ended up with 15 photos and out of those 15 I proably only really liked maybe 3 of them, but they were practically free, and we wantd some photos so fro what it was Im happy with them.


Overall this was a decent resort, but its the kind of place that you just go to once and scratch it off your travel bucket list, I wouldnt go back again, but we did have a nice time here! If you have any questions please feel free to PM me, Im sure Im forgetting a few things to mention.



Heres just a  few extra photos around the resort:











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