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  1. @@smileitseb we also extended our reception after hearing everyone's input. We cancelled the formal cocktail hour completely. Everyone here has been a huge help!! We also are going with adventure for video because they were actually less money than the video package at digital cinemas. Thank you for the info and help
  2. Everything looks amazing! What vendors are you using? Are you doing most things through the resort or bringing in outside vendors? @@Lbrennan0
  3. Hey All, We are making out of town bags for out 60+ guests. We would like to include some documentation such as a welcome letter, itinerary, map of the resort, etc. We are getting married at Dreams Riviera Cancun. Has anyone made these documents? If so, do you have a template for what you have made? We have done a ton of the computer work ourself but I would like to cut the corner on this. Thanks in advance!!
  4. @@smileitseb I love the idea of the long tables with individual seating assignments and I was wondering. Did you make a seating chart and give it to the resort when they set it up? How did that work? Also was it awkward with the guests looking for their seats? Did you do something like table one: table 2 and then they looked for a seat? Thanks for the amazing review. Also who did your video? I have been meaning to book a videographer.
  5. I'm debating on doing the key holders. I don't know if that's something people would use. I am amazed that was one of the biggest hits.
  6. @@smileitseb you made an excellent case For the sparker first dance. I think I want to do that also!
  7. Ok I have a question We want to do a welcome party. We were thinking of doing a cocktail party on the beach but I am afraid it will be too similar to our cocktail hour. (We are having our ceremony on the north beach, cocktail hour beach, then reception on deck) I know the jacuzzi is also available for the welcome party but when I did I site visit I remember the jacuzzis being right in the middle of the walkways to go to the rooms. Has anyone done a cocktail party at the jacuzzi and if so how was it? Do you think people will think the welcome party is too much like the cocktail hour?
  8. @@smileitseb were you able to pick dishes off each buffet menu? Or just ask for a combination? Have you heard anything is particularly delicious or worth skipping? @@smileitseb that headpiece is gorgeous!!!!!! @@smileitseb did maracas Mexico ship the maracas to the resort. I remember you had some kind of payment issue. Was that all worked out ? Thanks for all your help!
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