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  1. @be1122 @smileitseb @pddcmc @@nattiegams325 Past Brides! Do you know anyone who has used the baby sitting service on site? Who and how much did you tip!
  2. Past Brides! Who did you tip & how much!
  3. @@be1122 OMG 4 days to go! How are you holding up? How many suit cases are you bringing?
  4. @@smileitseb and other past brides! Do you have your ceremony script? Im having a hard time!
  5. Just sent out my bridal shower thank you cards! Of course I had to the destination theme! EventswithGrace
  6. @@hsocorso Congrats!! Do you have pics!!
  7. @@smileitseb how did your makeup come out! Cant wait for the details!
  8. @@smileitseb Can't wait to hear all about the wedding! Your pictures looked perfect!!
  9. Does anyone know if the night club is adults only? Desires | Music Lounge & Sports Bar
  10. Hi girls. I saw on a Facebook thread someone bringing a cake stand. I did not even think of this. Is this common? Are a lot of girls doing this? Can you rent one from the resort?
  11. @@smileitseb so excited for you! Cant wait to hear all about it!
  12. @@smileitseb Glad I could help! LOL Are you getting Hair & Makeup done by the spa. I have too many girls to bring an outside vendor and I feel like I am one of the only brides who is which make me nervous.
  13. @@jenna85 I actually made everything myself. All of the design work I created. I try to list it on my etsy shop EventswithGrace after creating it but sometimes wedding planning gets a little crazy! @@KatieMcBride Yes absolutely! I got them through etsy Towels: HueByJennyHouston
  14. @@smileitseb @phdtck1 I had claudia as my wedding planner but the switched me to maria and I feel like I am repeating everthing that I have already told claudia! @@smileitseb Did you buys the TSA locks?
  15. @@smileitseb @@Sheaka how quickly does your WC email you back? I read somewhere that once you hit the 3 month mark they are much easier to get a hold of but this doesn't seem to be the case for me.