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  1. @@danni oh wow, sorry you're having that experience. definitely push them to have a welcome party but if theres no space, you can have your guests meet in the lobby. it's a very nice area to meet. also, have you talked with phaedra? she's a bride getting married at DRC 9/6/15. and that $100 fee should be a one time fee, so get her to set up as much as possible (in addition to the chair covers) so you can get more of your money's worth
  2. @@danni omg that price is ridiculous!!! maybe they just gave me a really good deal? ive sent them a LOT of business so i guess they are capitalizing
  3. @@fhk815 i felt the night definitely flew by so so so quick!!!!!! if i were you, id definitely extend, this is prob the best day of your life, extend it ! Since we didn't have a formal cocktail hour, they allowed me to extend for $12 a person for every person over 20 but I also had to rent the sound system for the extra hour. and YOURS IS COMING UP so quick!!! i know you're so excited, can't wait to see your pics @@racht33 yes always negotiate!!! i told them my budget and they made sure i had everything i wanted @@danni hmm maybe send elisa another email? she may have overlooked it bc she responds faster than a week usually.
  4. @@racht33 I actually didn't have to pay any of the buffet upcharge prices that you prob see on the budget spreadsheet. I just paid for the silver menu price for each guest over 20: $48 each. She gave me a major break. But honestly if you're trying to plan, I would just go by what you are seeing on the current budget spreadsheet but since your wedding is so far out, be aware those prices could change.
  5. @@Lbrennan0 we had a no kids wedding so sorry im not sure. @@danni i got them from amazon!
  6. @@veryvalentine congratulations!!! and i can totally relate. i hate that we dont have any individual shots either. :/ it really bothers me, but im trying to focus on the good pictures we DO have.
  7. @@jashley12 if you don't talk to her regularly, why do you want to go to her wedding?
  8. @@desmiv maybe you could move your wedding to a time outside of hurricane season? i was originally gonna have a june wedding and changed it to may for that reason
  9. @@racht33 i would, bc it was who i could afford! but thank you. details in my review i posted of the things i didnt like about them.
  10. @@desmiv Digital Cinema.... i chose them because of the price. didn't interview anyone else bc everyone else was way outta my price range. i liked them but i will say you get what you pay for! they didnt charge me for the buffet. they just charged me the silver menu prices for all guests over 20
  11. @@be1122 thank you very much! 1. Do you have a template for your welcome letters (meet the guests) LOVE them! no, we just freestyled them in adobe illustrator, didnt save any template 2. On your survival guide you mentioned the dreams app or viber app. Are these free? How do they work? they are free, if you look in the apple store, it gives you a description of how they work....but most of my fam/friends have iphones so we just connected to drc's wifi and imessaged 3. How did you pay your final payment for the wedding? with my debit card Do I just use the same credit card I used for the deposit? i didnt use the same credit card because the limit wasn't as high as i needed it to be lol. but im glad we have no debt from the wedding ! Is there a guide on how much cash to take for tips, etc? not sure if there is an official guide Did you find it easier to just take US $$ i was in mexico for 10 days (wedding and honeymoon, and didnt exchange usd for pesos, didnt need them) 4. I am doing the Caribbean buffet and noticed a lot of items you had are on my list. How was the food? it was great 5. Do you have a list of songs you used? Ceremony and reception? its saved in my spotify. you can try to follow me on there to see the list. user name ybques3
  12. @@Lbrennan0 i can email it to you, whats your email? @@tlwarren as long as they stay at the resort for 3 nights, they are considered a guest and you do not have to pay the outside vendor fee
  13. @@SchroederWedding2015 yes i gave the seating chart to my coordinator and she set it up exactly like i wanted. and i dont know if it was awkward but everyone was able to find their seats lol....i didnt direct any of them to a particular table. they got there about 6:50...found their seats before we came in. our videographer was digital cinema
  14. @@fhk815 thank you so much! I don't mind questions at all, I remember how much I wanted someone to answer all of mine ! I really loved all the appetizers at the cocktail party other than the paninis. It was a lot of wind during our ceremony! Very breezy. My favorite restaurant was the Italian one but I was there from Thursday to Monday and ate Italian Thursday night, just my appetizers Friday night and some room service later that night, Mexican restaurant Saturday night, wedding food Sunday night. So I'm not sure if I have a lot of insight into what was the best restaurant ha. But loved the food by the pool during the day! Oh and world cafe for bfast was yummy
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