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  1. Congrats!! Beautiful dress on you!! We have very similar colors!! YAY!!!! Can't wait to read more about your planning process.
  2. I completely understand, it's pretty much the same for us. We got a great deal on the rooms because we were able to get the resort "opening special rate" however, since most of our guests aren't flying directly out of hubs that frequently service Costa Rica the air ended up being RIDICULOUS!!!! It's about $750 - $900 pp. We ended up with 30 so we're happy with this since we wanted to keep it fairly intimate. You'll be fine, you'll have more than 1 witness! LOL
  3. No, I didn't get a message about anything. Ooops... I didn't know either. I guess I better find the rule and read up. @@bkprettygirl Only thing I found was a pinned post in the Newbies section under Forum News and Updates about not posting a link to FB groups. You'd think they'd pin a post in that section about general forum rules but apparently that makes too much sense or it's too difficult for them to do!
  4. Hi @@meli0981!!! I'm also getting married here in April!!! There are lots of brides getting married in the FB group and several of us in April. Like @@bkprettygirl mentioned joining FB just for the group will be worth it as all of us have been sharing information with each other as we get it since it's takes awhile to get response from the coordinators.
  5. My FI has one that he takes to the race track. We have the Go Pro Hero 3 Black. We're planning to take it with us to Costa Rica. We're planning to take some accessories with us... tripod mount for the ceremony and we'll use the headband mount for ziplining. Personally, I wouldn't use any other mounts (chest or head) if you want to capture the ceremony. It'll be too much of a distraction.
  6. Wow!!! ........... that's about all I can offer at this point but I second was CB said.
  7. Wedding programs can easily be an inexpensive DIY. I'm making mine into fans. If they toss them so what.
  8. Wow.. well I hope that come around for you and your fiancé's sake. And I agree, those that want to be there will absolutely make it work. Try not to let it stress you too much!! Good luck!!
  9. Ummm.. yeah..... I wouldn't do it!!! Call me what you want, but I think that's utterly selfish!!! I can't possibly fathom could be more important than your son (or daughter) getting married especially when your date is nearly a year away. It sounds to me like they're just giving every excuse in the book and not really stating what the issue is. I would sit down with all of them and get to the heart of the matter. Additionally, it's not fair to your guests who have already paid and blocked off time on their calendar to be with the both of you.
  10. @@TinkerSofi - Both shoes fit fine. I purchased so I could walk around in them for a little bit and get a feel for them. But I'm going to go with a different shoe.
  11. @@calgarybride2015 - Yay!! So close!!!! I'm at 130 days before our day!!! Seems so far!!!
  12. I can sympathize with you. My FI and I had to make the decision early on that if we were going to have a DW and we really wanted our parents there we'd have to just out right pay for them to go. Yes, it's added cost for us but it makes things a little easier for because we know they have no excuse for not coming because I wasn't going to budge on my dream wedding. They're still not thrilled with the idea and of course would prefer to have it in the US. However, we all live in 3 different states so there would be traveling involved either way. The day is about you and you FI, stay true to wha
  13. Ugghh... Nordstrom does this to me every time. My store had their private shopping event last night and I found these bad boys. I had been eyeing these for awhile but when I saw them in person, I knew I had to have them. LOVE THEM!!! I think these will be my shoe (until I see another one). I ended up not liking the material on the Giovanna's.
  14. I actually went shopping by myself. My mom is and MOH live pretty far from me. And my FI mom and sister aren't very close either. I went shopping on short notice so none of them were able to make it. What I did was just ask the shop if they allowed pictures. I was able to FaceTime with my MOH and I sent pictures to my mom of anything that I liked. The shop that I purchased my dress from was very accommodating with this. It's not the same as having them there obviously but for me that was an easy way to get their input and they still see me in the dress.
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