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  1. Hi @@BritML0121, We had 25 guests that came to Jamaica and they had an AWESOME time!! I had 3 bridal showers where most of my guests who couldn't make the wedding came out to the bridal showers. One bridal shower had a Jamaican theme, so it was a lot of fun. Overall, everyone was pleased and had a GREAT time. Happy Planning!!
  2. I just decided to pull up my old posts, and didn't realize I didn't post anything since we have been back. Wow, time sure flies. THANK YOU to ALL of the BRIDES on this AWESOME Site!! My wedding was ABSOULTELY Lovely!! It did rain, but overall EVERYTHING turned out BEAUTIFUL!! Beginning with TA Babs, from Wright Travel Agency. She was AMAZING!! So patient and my guests loved her. A+++ Secrets Wild Orchid resort, big enough so you still have some privacy, but small enough to see your guests having a great time. A+++ Here are some pictures from our WONDERFUL WEDDINGCATION!! H
  3. BritML0121 CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials!! I had my wedding at SWO last Thanksgiving weekend. EVERYONE had FABULOUS time!! You will ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I used the resort photographer and videographer. I thought they they did a good job. Pictures and video were ready at checkout. We are thinking about going back for our 1 year anniversary this November. If you have any questions, please let me know. Happy Planning!! Lydia
  4. Purchased mine from www.totebagfactory.com I wanted a zippered tote bag. My guests loved them. Didn't want to put a design on the bag, so guests can use them afterwards. Instead, made Jamaican tags for the bags. Guests was appreciative of that too.
  5. @@KG1990 Thank you so much!! If you have any other questions, please ask. I know what you are going through. Happy Planning
  6. Thank you!! It's true, when they say it will all work out in the end.
  7. @@KG1990 No problem, ask away 1. We did have a couple who stayed at another resort. We just went ahead and paid for the $80 per person day pass. The day pass is good from 3pm - 11pm the day of the wedding. The front desk staff holds their driver's license. 2. We did not use an IPod. We had the single steel drummer for the ceremony, the upgraded band for the cocktail hour and the DJ, DJ Blu for the reception. You automatically get the sound system when you pay for the DJ. 3. We used the flowers that came in the Ultimate package. I brought down the "Real Touch" calla lilies flower
  8. Also, you might want to research about butterfly release. Sometimes they are either dead or don't fly as expected in the heat.
  9. My wedding was simply BEAUTIFUL!! I wrote a small review in the resort review section. Unfortunately, it thunderstormed during my reception, so we had our reception in the ballroom. There is a large covered patio area outside the ballroom doors, where my cocktail hour with band was set up. Also, just an FYI, there are steps and an elevator leading to the patio and ballroom. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy planning!!
  10. TA Babs was my TA. She is THE BEST!! You can't go wrong with her help and recommendations.
  11. Hi kristendelpin!! Just written a review for Secrets Wild Orchid. My guests and I had a FABULOUS time there!! You will not be disappointed!! Happy planning!!
  12. Thanks @@snswedding2016. Can't wait to leave, just so I csn be unplugged for a couple of days before the guests arrive. I sent a Pre-travel newsletter to everyone, and EVERYDAY I get questions that I already addressed in the newsletter. Why don't people just read or Google the answer. EVERYTHING about the resort and Jamaica are online. I realize I can't worry and take care of Adults anymore. Just want to crawl into my beach chair, sip a cocktail and let the sun shine down on my face. Love this forum...Venting is allowed...
  13. I requested everyone to wear all white attire for the wedding. Mind you everyone had 18 months to find something. Why are people calling me and saying that they can't find anything white in the stores NOW. The wedding is NEXT WEEK!! You had ALL YEAR TO SHOP!! So, I just said forget it. Wear what you want. I'm tired and sick of some of my guests already!! Just need to focus on marrying my baby.
  14. @@KG1990 Thank you so much. What's so funny is that friends ask me am I nervous. I think I am more nervous of my guest not doing their part. My MOH gets so many junk emails that she doesn't check her emails. I always have to call her 2-3 times to say I sent you something, check your email. My cousin who is notorious for missing her flight is arriving 3 hours before the wedding starts. My son who is a little forgetful and has a mild learning disability, I'm hoping he doesn't leave something behind. I think I am MORE NERVOUS about making sure everyone and everything arrives in time
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