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  1. We have actually changed our song just really weren't feeling what we picked. We are going with either Count On Me by Bruno Mars or You Make it Real by James Morris
  2. Wow this is horrible! http://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/consultant-planning/happily-ever-after-events-in-oakville-on-1269429
  3. I measured everything! I try and keep junk food out of the house and I try as much as possible to keep it low carb and low sugar. I still go out for dinner and get what I want but try and only have half of it or give it away before I even start eating, I still go to the movies and get popcorn with butter but I just watch what I eat and how much of it. I also focused on going to the gym before work since I can always talk my self out of going to the gym after work. Nothing calls my name louder then a nice comfy couch and my pj after 5pm . I started to wake up at 7am to get to the gym
  4. @@jackshayne0123 Thanks for the advice....really need to listen to it as I am a people pleaser!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I will have to keep that in mind. My MIL really wanted to come and if I said no I would feel bad or start a fight somewhere else and to be honest it really doesn't bother me who comes but I do know that I am my mothers only child and she is over the moon to share this with me so a part of me feel bad that but my mom is very much like me and likes to keep the peace so she understood. I found a dress I LOVE and its also on sale I just found out 50% off! So I am hoping I love it on as much as I love it in the picture. I have already gotten 'I pictured you in something
  6. I think by the end of the appointment between my grandmother and my future mother-in-law I will never want to go dress shopping again! this is why I have planned to go solo with my mom
  7. So we haven't picked a date yet, still looking plus the hall that we won is being horrible to deal with! So the Toronto Bridal Show is stepping in to deal with them We are looking for a fall wedding so I just booked my first appointment to go look and try on dress for March 2nd. I am going to go with my mom on the 1st so look solo with her so we can narrow it down since the people we are going with all are push and love their own opinion! We have picked a shabby chic wedding, so pastels, lace, sparkle/glitter, wood. Men in grey suits and thats all I have for now :-)
  8. Thank you so much! It is very exciting to have won something so big and so important our life. Not going into debt over a wedding is an amazing feeling this is why we both agreed on the destination wedding (plus less drama) I will for sure stick around to see how your wedding turns out and to fill you all in on my big day as well! Sad about not having a wedding in Cuba but being able to still go with friends and family is a great feeling!
  9. Thanks! I wished for Vegas but my groomzella really wanted a big wedding here I just didn't want to get into debt over it but I am uber excited for this
  10. Super shocked! We get a venue, 7 hour open deluxe bar, flowers, 4 course meal, 4 appetizers, cake, linens and I think a dj not sure on that one. They only called me on Tuesday to let me know I won. This is the first year the National Bridal Show has done this so they are making a big presentation over this so I don't think I officially get to meet any one for the next 2 or 3 weeks! BUT I started calling limo services and looking at flowers I like and just emailed my church to see if I can set up a meeting with my persist to see if we can do a duel service at my fiances church. I am cathol
  11. @@jackshayne0123 Thank you so much! It is super exciting and really nerve racking! I honestly wasn't expecting to win and was looking forward to taking my time to get married in January 2015 but now its just over 7 months away! and I have nothing at all done!
  12. Kevin and Chrstine Photography http://kevinandchristinephotography.com/ they are amazing to work with!
  13. So I have good news and bad news. Bad News: Our Destination Wedding is cancelled Good News: We won the $20,000 wedding package!!! http://spring.nationalbridalshow.com/WinYourWedding Thank you all who voted for us. We are still keeping our trip and turning it into a big family/friends vacation as many still want to go. We have to have our wedding this year so we are looking at September 27th and I am currently thinking a vintage colour pallet. Blush pink, greys, creams, mints etc Once again THANK YOU!
  14. I think they are all the same more or less I used lingsupplies
  15. @@TinkerSofi I don't think the are 'necessary' I think it is up to the person/couple how important they are to you? My package from my photographers come with an engagement and a trash the dress. I actually won an engagement shoot through a photography company in Toronto they teach at a University and needed volunteers/couples. Maybe look into contest to see whats out there or get a friend who is artsy to get some photos if you want to save money.
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