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  1. Gently used Julietta Mori Lee 3124 ruffled organza for sale. its a size 18 and length 61 inches. im 5ft 8 inches tall and wore 3 inch heels with this gown on my day. very figure flattering mermaid style can be altered down or up as its corset lace up back. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL MORI LEE GOWN NOT REPLICA!!! asking price 650usd more pics available upon request.
  2. Original Mori Lee 3124 size 18 slightly altered, like new for sale $600 I'm trying to figure out how to post pics on here!!! I'm selling my slightly used original Mori Lee gown size 18 slightly altered, like new for $600
  3. i found love - CeCe Winans i tear up every time i hear it!!
  4. my gown is Mori lee 3124... STUNNING.. i got got it 2 weeks ago but my mother wont allow me to take ah pic!! sighhhh will sneak a pic at my final fitting next week though i love this dress
  5. i've followed this thread for 2 years!!!!!! its finally my turn to post.... 48 days and counting!!! you girls look stunning
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by amarylka I cried when I got a photo of my dress. The worst part is that the seller believes that the stitching more ornaments on his hips solves the problem. Does anyone on this forum has recovered money from dhgate? get you rmoney back!! dont stall !!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by amarylka I have a problem with babyonline. I attach a photo below dresses that I got before ordering and my white one. In my opinion it is very different. I wrote to the seller that I did not like but I do not know if they can fix it. the decoration is a different shape and is not symmetrical. What do you think, do you clothed the dress to the wedding? Mam problem z babyonline. Załączam zdjęcie poniżej sukienek, które dostałem przed złożeniem zamówienia, a mój biały jeden. W mojej opinii jest to bardzo różne. Napisałem do sprzedawcy, że mi się nie podoba, ale nie wiem, czy można to naprawić. Wystrój jest inny kształt i nie jest symetryczna. Jak myślisz, czy ubranego w sukienkę na wesele? i hope you get your money back!!! smdh...... dont even bother asking them to fix it!!
  8. check out / google the following wedding gowns by maggie sottero similar styles to the one you posted..... especially "zabrina" hope this helps!! zabrina polina teracina azealia all by maggie sottero,, maybe you can compare prices,, see which designer is cheaper!!! Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. maggie soterro have a dress like this one!!! exact!! it was one of my favorites!!! since im no longer having a destination wedding i had to go with mori lee 3124
  10. okay so now ive got mixed feelings... i requested rates from jasminesbridalshop.com and dresilyme.com for two dresses. mori lee 3124 and soterro and midgley's Tracey. for mori lee 3124 jasmines charged 520USD plus additional 120USD for a sparkly sash, premium grade, which brings me to a total of 640USD,, the original dress costs 940USD!! thats just 300usd difference.. not much of a saving if u ask me and i dont think 300usd is worth the risk.. dresilyme however charged a total of 308usd. Mori Lee 3124 soterro and midgley's Tracey. jasminesbridalshop charged 520USD and also additional 120usd for full sparkly sash, premium grade. original cost 1752USD now that is alot of savings!! dressilyme however charged total of 347usd. and ofcourse additional for sparkly belt. pic of someone i found on google wearing soterro and midgley's Tracey along with fully sparkly sash. im such a HUGE fan of jasminesbridalshop.com, i did alot of research on them, viewed ALOT of dresses made by them and have been really impressed. but why are they so damn expensive?? im so mad right now cause i had my mind set on using them!!! i did alot of resarches on dresilyme also and was impressed with only SOME of their workmanship. but there prices are really great!! ok girls so sorry for the long post but what do u guys think?? confused
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