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  1. Very sweet and lovely.This is giving you the real feeling not the artificial one. Very thoughtful. I remember when my brother got married he also ordered an customized cake at the catering halls on long island. It was just like it.
  2. I think it would be challenging to take the vases while traveling. Candles would be better option and safe as well. Good Luck!
  3. This is the one concern I was having at my wedding as I really wanted to music to be played according to the mood of the houe. We booked banquet halls in long island and booked an DJ there and I must say that it went pretty well at my reception, Thank God he was paying the attention on what I wanted.
  4. This is very interesting as you make your guests happy with good wedding favors and now a days personalised gifts are popular and also it is cherished well by your guests. So selecting personalised gifts depends upon your creativity. Choose something that makes your guests feel SPECIAL!
  5. Destination wedding idea always seems to me fun and exciting. I would like to share an article on destination wedding which I found very helpful, hope you all will too like it. http://www.xtinedanielle.com/5-tips-planning-perfect-destination-wedding/
  6. Congratulations! Wedding invites are the essential part of wedding, this is the source from where guests gets the idea about the wedding program. I mean your guests should be well informed and invites should be delievered a decent gap from wedding,as they have to do the wedding shopping and save their date(most importantly).So,DECIDE what suits you. And Relax,don't freak out.Best wishes!
  7. My friend's reception and marriage has about 5 months gap and it was fine.It was fun and we recollected the memories and had a great time. You can wear something else than your wedding dress. Enjoy!
  8. Simplicity is the best policy. Decoration is the integral part of the wedding ceremony and by seeing the decor styles online makes you feel that you also want this on your wedding. Even my friend got married on long island and banquet halls in long island were decorated so beautifully, I felt like I wanted to be married at such kind of place. But this just for visual pleasure and to give you ideas but it is not necessary that you should follow. Just plan your wedding the way you want and according to your style and budget.If simple suits then great go with it.
  9. You made the right choice at one point of time you loved the dress and these secondary thoughts keeps coming, so do not think so much. One of my friend was also baceme tensed with same thoughts and when the day arrived she looked beautiful and flattering as well ..Best Wishes!
  10. Well I chose to play "Turning Page by Sleeping at Last" played in Breaking dawn in wedding of Bella and Edward. Since then I wanted to play this on my wedding . I was happy when it happened. Just go with your heat, NO hard and fast rules!
  11. I think you must have given plenty of thoughts to yourself to what you will wear and just imagine what you want to look like and go with it. And yes if still not sure then keep searching, you will find one.Best Wishes!
  12. Thanks so much for sharing this. This will be very helpful. I mean one can skip anything at the time of packing.
  13. I was found something on net which can be helpgul for you for bridesmaid hair style and accesory.
  14. Nothing is free in this world and these packages can be less expensive but not free. If package offered to you are free then please let me know. Beat of luck!
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