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  1. That would help so much!! Thank you hannahfarris4@yahoo.com
  2. Can anyone tell me how much it cost to get your hair done at the resort? My bridesmaids are asking and I have asked Pilar 3 different times and she NEVER answers me! Also, I'm working on my timeline for the day and I am so lost lol! Does anyone want to share theirs by any chance?
  3. Thanks everyone! I FINALLY made a decision. I ordered my invites and they should be out by the end of February. Our RSVP date is May 5th so that should give everyone plenty of time AND me plenty of time to get everything done! Those sound so pretty! We aren't doing a beachy theme either. Our colors are tiffany blue, white, and gold and we just went with an invite off of Minted. It was under the "beach" category, but isn't beachy at all!!
  4. Does anyone have pictures of the reception at the Bamboo room that you could email to me? Im trying to figure out how much decor I need to bring, how I want to set up the tables, and if I have a blank wall to set up a sort of back drop to go behind the wedding party table.
  5. Thanks everyone! I guess we need to start customizing our invites ASAP! Like I said, we sent out the "save the date" emails about a year in advance. That had the info needed to get in touch with the travel agent. We only invited close family and friends so they have been in touch with us on any questions they need. I found some invites on weddingpaperdivas so I will probably just do those and get them out as soon as I can. The reason I've been so confused is because most of our guests are booking the trip on their own because they found cheaper prices than our travel agent. So it has been pretty difficult to plan anything because I dont have an exact number going.
  6. I'm sure this has been asked already, but I cant find anything on it. How many people did you fit at each round table? Also, what did yall do for the wedding party table? I guess just have 2 of the rectangle tables put together? We are having 8 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids, so thats 17 total for the wedding party table, including us. Im in the process of figuring out what I want for centerpieces and I dont know how many I will need!
  7. Hi ladies! My wedding is July 18. So far, all that has been sent out is just the email that our TA made for us to send out, it was basically a paperless save the date. When should I be sending out the invitations? ASAP? I was hoping to only send the invites to people that were already booked, but its impossilbe for me to know because most people arent going through our TA, they are booking on their own. Also, what all are yall including in yalls invite? Are yall doing the welcome letter that goes over details? Sorry if this is confusing, I feel so lost in this whole process. I'm starting to freak out lol
  8. Hi ladies! I have been reading this blog for a few weeks but havent introduced myself! Our wedding is July 18th, we are doing a beach ceremony and our reception is in the bamboo room. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time because I feel like I have NO CLUE what i'm doing! lol. I do have a few questions though. We are going with the Divine package and recently figured out that we are having more people then we expected. The food is going to be so expensive! I saw there was an option for a buffet, is that still true? and if so, how much would it cost? We are just looking for cheaper options. Also, what all decorations wise are yall bringing for the inside receptions?
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