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  1. @@LMichelleB. I felt the same way and was really unsure when I got there how everything would turn out. Lol. Trust me when I say everything will work out wonderfully. There are many decisions to make over the next several months but just take one thing at a time and it will be fine.
  2. Hi @@tygrrlily! No, there was no extra charge for the white drapery. That complete set up came with the complimentary package.
  3. Hi @@tygrrlily! Sorry for the delay. Yes, Tequila is the buffet restaurant. It's the largest space they have available. I posted a few pics in my gallery too, but hopefully this works and you can view them here.
  4. Hi everyone. It's been 3 weeks since my wedding at the Beach Palace on August 8 and I wanted to come back and let everyone planning know how amazing everything turned out. Like many of you, I experienced some of frustration with my off-site coordinator and didn't hear from my on-site coordinator until about 3 weeks before our wedding date. So of course, I was somewhat nervous about how everything would turn out, not to mention that weather bug forecasted rain for our entire stay. I was completely worried for nothing! Beach Palace is a wonderful resort. The service is great and they are very accommodating to their guests. The weather was amazing and our on-site coordinator Rebeca was beyond amazing! From our first contact by email, she was on top of everything. She was flexible with me and made sure I got everything that I wanted for the wedding. We traveled with about 30 guests, so nothing too huge. We used the complementary reservation that came with the wedding package to have a welcome dinner in the Tequila restaurant on Thursday night. It turned out great. We chose to distribute our OOT bags after dinner. We played a few games and just allowed people to meet and greet. They can set up either outside or inside the restaurant if you chose this as an option. Oh, and Before dinner, we had a quick rehearsal with everyone from the wedding party so there would be no confusion about what to do the day of. Our ceremony was at 4pm that Friday. The wedding was great...slightly overcoats during the ceremony so it wasn't blazing hot like it was during our rehearsal the day before. The day of the wedding I chose to relax and have a massage and pedicure to have some time alone. The spa is nice, therapists were good, and I used my room credits so only paid for the taxes. I went back to my room where my girls were having hair and make-up done. Both my hair stylist and MUA were wedding guests so I can't comment on the services at Beach Palace for that. The coordinator checked in throughout the day and gave me a quick update on how everything would run. I stayed in the room until she called for me to come up to the Sky Terrace for the ceremony. The ceremony was great and lasted no more than 25 minutes I guess. My father performed our ceremony so MIT might have had a little more than the typical vows. We transition down to the Sky Bar which they set up with the cocktail hour on one side and the reception on the other side. Our photographer took group photos with our guests during a portion of he cocktail hour and then we went down to the beach with the wedding party for more photos. I splurged and used Del Sol photography and they were worth every dime! They fit in perfectly and we had an amazing time with them. I can't wait to see the pictures. For decor, I used Zuniga for lighting and a few other things and then brought a few additional elements of my own including table runners, starfish, a head table sign, and candles. I gave my items to my coordinator the day before and she set all of this up for us. I used JSAV for DJ services and some lighting around the dance floor. I know there were some mixed reviews but the DJ we had was thheeeeeee best! Prior to the wedding, they send you a link to a website where you select up to 100 songs you want played and even pick songs to put on a do not play list. They played pretty much all we asked for and took requests from the kids and guests who asked for a few things. You even have a choice in if guests can make requests. So, they're not the worst option if you're hoping to avoid the extra fees. We really enjoyed them. The cocktail hour and reception food was great. Just a little heads up that you don't have to go with the menu exactly as it is. I made a few requests for substitutions and the coordinator was completely fine with it. We had the tres leche cake and it was great. Got lots of remarks from guests. Overall our experience was great. There were 3-4 weddings the weekend of mine and none of the brides had any complaints that I spoke to. You get different colored wristbands as the wedding couple/honeymooners so it was cool chatting with other newlyweds while we were there. I've rambled on long enough but please let me know if you want to know anything else. I'll try to post a few pics from guests in the gallery. I wish you all the best with your wedding plans. Know that you made a great choice in Beach Palace. We visited Moon Palace and felt like Beach Palace was a much better experience for our wedding ceremony and stay.
  5. @tygrrily thanks for sharing. Your pics are very nice. How was everything at Beach Palace? My wedding is there is about 6 weeks! Yikes.
  6. Great site...best prices I've seen. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing. Everything looked beautiful. I just received a quote from Zuniga but it's been hard to visualize the space and how much lighting is needed for the space. This helps tremendously.
  8. I'm trying my best to keep it under $10k. These wedding extras are adding up. I'm making adjustments and got some good ideas here.
  9. These are hilarious! Can't believe some of this stuff happened.
  10. Great ideas. I'm making my list to start ordering things soon. I'm trying to wait to get an approximate number of guests so I don't have too much or too little.
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