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  1. Am I the only one not liking this new beach gazebo? I'm waiting on a response from my WC about whether the older set up can be used. If it can't I have to find a new resort. Any suggestions? I had a great game plan and now I have to start over.
  2. Has everyone seen the new beach gazebo? It's pretty much a gazebo on the beach. Guest are still in the sand, but everyone else is under the gazebo. You can't have the old beach set up. So my vision of saying my vows in the sand can't happen. So disappointed!
  3. Major congrats and blessings! So excited to see pictures and hear how it all went!
  4. I already consider myself the "off beat bride". I don't like rules and confinement into a norm. Gratefully my family understand that and support me. My bridesmaids are wearing simple dresses, but with colored petticoats. And if I can convince FI, everyone in chucks! If not, my son & I will wear them for sure. I am just starting planning but the ideas I have so far, are raising some eyebrows!
  5. I just got an email for 10 off 25 and 20 off 50! If anyone wants the codes, PM me! You can use it with you groupon and really save a killing!
  6. I thought it was just me. Watching SYTTD was interesting...from the outlandish dresses...to the evil support systems....to the indecisive brides...Great entertainment...no inspiration. My mom has agreed to buy my wedding gown just as she did my sister. Now I Know if my dress cost about a grand she would get it (her's was almost 2)....but I am frugal...very frugal and couldn't bear to pay that much for a dress I would wear one day. I don't see me passing it down. And having thousands of dollars hanging in my closet just didn't make sense (my mom's closet currently has her and my sister's gowns
  7. I thought picking a date would be easy. Originally we wanted it on the anniversary of us dating. But then we didn't...We were suggest June between our bdays (I'm the 16th he's the 27) But June is already a busy month...April is dedicated to my son...So recently I am have been playng with the idea of New Year's Eve! Feedback?
  8. My exact idea along with a shovel for the ring bearer! (Where am I finding this shovel is the question?!)
  9. The idea I had was kind of random. I thought of the flower girls carrying buckets rather than baskets , so why not have the ring bearer carry the shovel. I def don't want to do a pillow and everyone does the shell. I just have to figure how to get the rings to stay on the shovel. Been really thinking of a sea shell in the sand on the shovel. Feedback or pics?
  10. SUPER CUTE IDEA!!! Never would have thought about that!
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