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  1. Hi ladies, So sorry I haven't been on here since our wedding, it's amazing how being away for two weeks can make you so incredibly busy when you come back! I am going to work on the review and get it up here shortly, all I can say is the Barcelo is nothing short of amazing and your wedding will be everything you imagined and more! Also, for the ladies that PM'd me about the center peices and floral arrangement choices I will be sending those out shortly as well. Take care! Angelina
  2. Oooh! I just thought of a question, are you ladies buying your bridesmaid's their jewelry? If so, where have you been successful in finding something? Angelina
  3. 10 days till our wedding in the Mayan! 6 days till we leave on a jet plane! I can barely breathe! haha.
  4. Oh wow. I need to breathe, leaving in 6 days!?! Where has time gone.... Breathe in, Breathe out.
  5. Hi ladies! So I am down to the crunch, wedding is in 10 days and we are leaving in 6! Whoa, heart skipped a few beats there. Is there any advice you would like to share? I thought I would also attach the copies of bouquet options/centerpiece (or center peaces as they would call them options just in case you wanted to see what the resort offers Lots of love, Angelina CENTER PEACES.pdf BOUQUET 1.pdf BOUQUET 2.pdf
  6. Thanks all! It was super fun to do - and really easy. I am not particularly crafty, so having a program to do this on worked much better.
  7. Too funny! I am using Brian Napier as well in St.Albert. He came highly recommended and his 'Legal Only' Ceremony is $120.00 if you bring your own witnesses or $30 per witness if you don't.  Here is his website: http://www.customvows.ca/about.html  He is very quick and efficient with his emails and suggested that we do the legal ceremony a week prior to leaving. I think personally I would rather having the legal ceremony in Mexico, but with all the hoops you have to jump trough, and the extra cost, and the time it takes to get your documentation from Mex & translated.... This is well worth it! Â
  8. Hi ladies, Â So I got a response from Xhail about outside vendors and it will be more expensive then we thought (this is other then a photographer). Here take a look at her response:. Â - What is the cost to bring a vendor onto the property? For example a DJ or Makeup artist?[Xhail Flores] if you bring an external vendor the cost is $90 usd per hour per plug and a Makeup artist, you must pay a day pass to leave them to come in the resort. Â All I can say is boo. How many plugs is a DJ going to use lol? I have no idea. haha. Â
  9. Thanks for the suggestions for Le Chateau. Unfortunately they were LESS then accommodating and although I found the two sizes I needed in Scarborough ON they would not bring them in for me, nor would they let me pay for them over the phone and send them COD. So, boo.  Glad I found out that I couldn't get the groomsman outfits with 2 months to spare... We ended up ordering from Islandimporter.com, they carry their clothes at Sublime Swimwear in St. Albert, so I went and checked them out and the quality of the linen pants is amazing! Much better then Le Chateau, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. Only thing is, Sublime does charge approx $50 more per pant so if you ladies need pants ordering them online is much cheaper if you can wait  Hope you ladies are doing great, we have 7 weeks to go, panic level is up a little lol.
  10. Hey Canadiansandy!  I thought I would let you know where the Moksha Studios are in Calgary, cuz from my experience here in Edmonton, they are AMAZING! They have a trial pass that you can buy for $20 that gets you unlimited yoga for a week, that way your not too committed before you decide if its for you  Here you go: Calgary Moksha Yoga Calgary 9152 McLeod Trail S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2J 0P5 telephone: 403.457.4660 website: www.mokshayogacalgary.com  Moksha Yoga Calgary West 333 Aspen Glen Landing SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 0N6 phone: 403.604.8038 website: www.mokshayogacalgarywest.com
  11. Hot Yoga for one hour... Working on a 7 day stint. COMMON WEIGHT come off! lol.
  12. I go to Moksha Yoga in Edmonton and its AMAZING! My instructor said that you can burn on average 500 - 600 calories an hour which is comparable to a 10KM run! I am so impressed with that! I am going to buy a heart rate monitor one day to test this theory. In 2 weeks I have lost 3 lbs of my 10 lbs to loose... Only two months to go, eek. Should have started earlier! )
  13. Thanks for that alib0160! I love having you all here to ask questions because it takes forever to get answers... Not to mention so nice to find people on here with great ideas I think I have decided to bring in someone for a DJ too... DJ Mannia sounds like they are really good and have had really great reviews from the girls on here. So just curious - are you guys going barefoot? sandals? heels? I am toying with the idea now. My girls are going in Espresso brown dresses and I found that Dessy has matching sandals, wondering how good it will look? I love the barefoot jewelery for myself, I think I might have some on hand just in case
  14. Does anyone know what the Vendor's fee is for someone other then a photographer? I tried asking but I haven't gotten a response for a while...
  15. Thanks so much!! I am going to go on a shopping mission this weekend! Â How are you ladies doing? What's the countdown?
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