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  1. Hi April, The vouchers are for services like certain amount off spa services, romantic dinner and bottle of wine (at any restaurant). I was there from Oct 31- Nov 6 and didn't use any of mine. I'm not sure if yours would be any different but thats the promo they had going on then.
  2. Hi Pati, My sister got married there beginning of Nov and they did a great job on hair and makeup! I wish I had gotten my makeup done there. They work very fast. Just make sure you have a picture of how you want things. They also have books that you can look at for hair options.
  3. Thank you so much for posting, Moorea!! Would you also share with me your key holder template? My email is fabie81@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for answering so promptly! Sounds like you had the dinner gold package which we've selected. It is so good to hear somebody raving about that. Not too happy to hear about the typical halls but it is what it is :-)
  5. Hi Vanessa, I've read and seen a lot of pictures of Jellyfish and indeed it does look magical. Go with what makes you happy :-) I thought I had an answer to my initial question until I read that alcohol is only included if you do Dreams of Love or Ultimate package. Now we're waiting for the coordinator to answer whether we will have to pay for alcohol since we're doing the Paradise package.
  6. Congratulations Kristy! You mentioned that the food was fantastic. Would you mind sharing what you chose to have there? Also, did you have a chance to visit any of the halls available for reception?
  7. Hello, Would you be able to send me a closer picture of the veil? Would like to see what the edge looks like. fabie81@gmail.com. Thanks!
  8. Hi Vlendof, Thanks for answering! The wedding coordinator finally answered and clarified what exactly is included with dinner alcohol wise. Why are you having second thoughts??
  9. Ladies, Do you know how it works when it comes to having alcohol at both cocktail and reception? From the list they sent us, adding premium deluxe bar would be $17 per person per hour. What about basic/regular alcohol? Do we have to pay for that too?
  10. Hello ladies, Does anyone know how it works when it comes to alcohol at the cocktail hour and reception? We were trying to add the premium bar option but thats an extra $17 per person per hour...whatever that means; planning to have ~60 people. Do you know if basic alcohol is included with the buffet menu? Thanks.
  11. Wow! Thanks so much, Dominiqueamber. The sale is still going on and they have a bunch of colors left.
  12. I see! Well, we won't be in DR until November. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the sandboxes from? Thanks!
  13. Hi Keedon, Are you not opened to selling the sandboxes? (Or did I just miss the whole point of your thread? :-))
  14. Wow! your pictures are breathtaking. So vibrant! Truly stunning!! You look like you had a great time at your wedding and that's all that matters. I loooove the dresses your bridesmaids wore. Would you mind sharing where y'all got them from? Thanks!
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