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  1. Thanks Fabiola, For our reception dinner we had chicken cordon blue, salmon, and flank steak, the sides were rice with asparagus, steamed vegetables, soup, various salads, and a wide variety of sweets all made in house at the coco cafe. We were shown the banquet halls they were typical halls. FYI the day of our wedding they tried to have us put down at 250.00 non refundable deposit on one of the halls just in case it rained, there was a 30%chance of rain that day we opted not to pay the expense and go with our original plan. Hope this helps....... Kristy
  2. Well all i can say is all the planning and hard work it took to get us to dreams palm beach came and went in a flash, so if your going to get married there or anywhere enjoy every second of it. A few FYI's for you brides on your way to dreams or thinking of getting married there, First off we were married in the Garden Gazebo and had our reception on the pool island and i must say they were perfect even thought it was 45C out at the reception we had the breeze coming right off the ocean so it was amazing. We had the buffet for the reception meal which i think most people end up getting and the food was fantastic, even if you have people with a special diet like we did the chef will cater to those needs. Our wedding co-ordinator was johanna and she was okay, very business like i dont want to say un approachable but i just got a feeling of inconvenicne if you asked a question. Make sure you get what you pay for, we chose the Dreams Ultimate wedding package and no one offered our spa treatments and we also did not receive our honeymoon package. It was not until we got home we realized we had missed out on some things that we paid for. The photographer they have at the resort, Jorge is amazing. But again be careful when buying your pictures with most packages you receive 50 prints of just the ceremony then anything after that is an additional 15.00 a picture, they have packages as well but they go as high as 2000.00 we opted for 40 pictures that we took after the ceremony and had them just put on a disk and that was 600.00. I am not by far complaining because our actual wedding day was a dream come true everything we wanted happened and everyone of our guests had an amazing time and will be talking about this for years to come..... If you have any questions feel free to ask, im more then happy to help Kristy
  3. Just wondering if anyone has used the Photographer that's included in your packages at Dreams Palm Beach?.. My Fiance and I are looking at bringing someone else in. Is it worth it? Any feedback would be great thanks
  4. Great thanks for the advice. If you don't mind me asking what kind of center pieces did you use? did you purchase from the resort or make your own? Thanks for the help
  5. So everything is coming together for our Dreams Palm Beach wedding, the only problem i am having now is that the resort wants $100.00 per center piece. So i have the idea of doing my own with simple vases and floating candles and all that but my question is does anyone know how i should ship the vases? Should ship them down ahead of time or pack them in carry on?. Every time i think i have things figured out i get thrown for a loop. Please help if anyone can. Thanks
  6. hi all, we are getting ready to book our date and pick our package, we are wondering what packages people are picking we are stuck in between silver and gold we like the gold dinner menu better. did anyone customize a package ? We also got an email 28th saying that Mercy is no longer working for the resort anymor,we hadent heard back from the resort for almost 2 weeks then we recived this email.
  7. awsome,thanks so much i will for sure look into her and what she has to offer
  8. will these TA's work for canadian's or are they just american?
  9. Great Thank you for the tips they will definitely help us start.. My next question is we have been reading about the legal stuff and it seems like a pain to get a marriage license down there is this true? we had an idea of getting our certificate here, and getting married quietly in the court house and not telling our family just to avoid the headache of dealing with all the legal mumble jumbo
  10. I am a 2012 bride but i need some help getting started, we have decided on the Rui Palace in Punta Cana. And we are hoping for june or early july. My problem is how do you get started who do we contact? and are they trustworthy and reliable? There is so much work to do and its hard to know where to start. If anyone can help that would be great.
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