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  1. Has anyone planned a meet-and-greet dinner at the resort? We have 30 guests and I'm not sure we'll be able to go to an a-la-carte with that many.
  2. I'm having a clothing dilemma for my FI! I recently bought him a white linen shirt from RW co., but it was super see-through, and wearing two shirts just seems to defeat the purpose of having linen at all! So we just bought a 100% cotton shirt at Hugo Boss (concerned about sweating and cotton - any other grooms wear cotton?), but was thinking of getting turquoise linen shirts from Island Importer for the groomsmen. Ayone else use different fabrics for the boys? Any feedback about the cotton shirt? Also, all the guys will be wearing light brown shorts. Thanks for the help, I only have until tomorrow to return the shirt if I change my mind!
  3. Oh I just finished reading everyone's posts and I have so much to write! I'll post later tonight with updates of our April 2013 wedding @ DPB!
  4. Hi Kelly 1218! I'm just seeing your post now and I'd love for you to send me that pdf file you have! My email is stephp1@hotmail.com. THANKS!
  5. Does anyone have the bar prices for private bar service (ie at the beach or poolside)? Just realizing now that my preferred poolside location only allows receptions until 10:30pm, but the party will just be starting by that time ! May go with the beach instead .. and thinking of doing a cocktail / hors d'oeuvres only reception (for several hours) instead of the buffet. Any other brides with reception plans?!
  6. I searched and searched for wording ... and then realized I wanted to be totally simple and came up with this: Bride and Groom will be married on the beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the beautiful Dreams Palm Beach Resort April 29, 2013 4 o'clock in the afternoon We invite you to join us for a vacation to remember Anyone have any tweaks they think would be good? The last line "we invite you to join us for a vacation to remember" is not really what I'm looking for, but I don't want any poetry or formal - any ideas?
  7. Hi Ellie - I'm pretty sure the 3 days before are 3 "business days" which would not include weekends. However with that being said, in another email I told Maria that we would be arriving Thursday, April 25 and asked when was the first day we could get married, she replied with April 27 or April 30 (apparently April 29, 2013 is a holiday in DR and so they would only perform symbolic ceremonies on Apr 29) ... You should email her directly and see what days are available for a legal wedding (if that's what you're having). It seemed that for symbolic ceremonies they are a little more forgiving, and the 3 day rule for symbolic is just to give enough time to meet with the WC and confirm all the details, as opposed to being a hard "rule". Let me know how it goes !
  8. Just now realizing that the title of my thread is spelled wrong - hope that's not foreshadowing for my invites ! Thanks for the idea girls ... my TA makes a blog for each of her weddings with all the info, so I could direct my guests to that; or make a wedding website and link to the blog. I really liked the idea of guests opening up a "portfolio" of info though, and so may very well go with the paperandmore.com idea! Maybe I could just purchase the invites and then put the rest together myself - not much of a DIYer, but connecting the dots can't be too hard!
  9. Hi Ladies, I really really want beach-themed pocketfold invites (I found these on Etsy and fell in love http://www.etsy.com/listing/90122264/starfish-destination-wedding-invitation?ref=sr_gallery_27&sref=&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=starfish+wedding+invitation&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_page=3&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade) However, I wanted the inserts with "How to Book", "Itinerary" - and to include all of this in every invitation would be $10.00 per invite (I can take out the response card and replace with an extra insert according to Lucy, the owner). I'm going to need 70 invitations, but I know FOR SURE that at least half of these invitations are going to guests that are not going to the wedding. I can't bring myself to order these because I feel like I'm wasting money on people who don't need all that extra info. Has anyone else used 2 separate invitations for guests they want to attend and guests they know won't even consider it? Has anyone sent out basic invitations and then sent info-heavy invites to guests with positive RSVPs? Any other ideas would be great! I even thought about just buying the invitation and buying separate pocketfolds and putting it together myself but I've gotta say creativity and attention to detail is just not my forte ! I need guests to start putting downpayments on the vacation in the next 30 days, so I think even by the time these invitations get printed and get to me my "definites" will already have booked blindly ! Thanks !
  10. Hi ! Oh I'm so glad this thread is getting lots of activity - I can't wait to hear all about your planning ! I'm already having to read to catch up! ellie0717 - beautiful save the dates - I ordered a postcard-type STD from weddingpaperdivas.com and we sent them out in October with just Caribbean Wedding, Spring 2013. Really vague but the all-inclusive packages are so expensive here I really wanted guests to start saving in advance. So I have lots of new information to share about DPB: Honeymoon Suite - hard to find pictures, but I did find a youtube video that walks through the room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOMH7KPgwlI Coco Cafe - My FH loves this idea and I think most of our guests will be dropping by here most mornings for a cup ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjcfOKThMCA Maria, the WC, has emailed me a few times and she answered a lot of my questions in this last email (not sure if I'm allowed to copy and paste into the threads, but here it is): If I choose the Dreams of Love or Ultimate Package, it appears that the Dreams Eternity Honeymoon Package is included for free - is this so? Is the honeymoon package included with the complimentary wedding? [María Augusta Acebo] yes This package includes: • Champagne on arrival • Fresh flowers and exotic fruit platter in room upon arrival • Champagne breakfast in bed the your morning after arrival • Tension Release Massage for two in our couples massage suite room at the Spa (25 minutes each) • Choice of either a European Facial or a Salt Glow Scrub body treatment (25 minutes) for each person • Private beach front dinner. Upon returning from dinner you will find a romantic rose petal path and lighted candles in a specially set atmosphere just for you. Includes bottle of domestic wine and silver menu • Petit fours each evening at turn down service • Earn Free Nights towards a first anniversary return stay And will we receive the champagne breakfast the day after the wedding?[María Augusta Acebo] yes. 4) Several reviews have said that I will be unable to confirm my reception location until I actually arrive at the hotel. When do we meet with the wedding coordinator and make these choices?[María Augusta Acebo] we will. Confirm the location if you want the terrace, beach or banquet room, but we will confirm the specific location because we have 3 areas at the beach, several banquet rooms and 2 terraces. 5) Am I able to have DJ Mannia at the reception? Does this need to be booked through the hotel or can I book directly with DJ Mannia?[María Augusta Acebo] if you book directly with them then you need to pay for their day pass. If you book them trough us you pay them trough the hotel and there is no need to pay for the day pass. 6) Your first email said “The wedding couple needs to come to 3 days prior the wedding date no matter the type of ceremony†– for a symbolic wedding, does this include weekends? [María Augusta Acebo] it does not include weekends. We're also looking at organizing a group excursion on a catamaran and came across the Happy Hour Cruise which looks nice - anyone else planning group excursions? http://www.marinarium.com/happy-hour/ ** Also for those of you still looking for invitations, Etsy has an amazing selection! They are a little pricier, but the sellers are so flexible you'd probably be able to get them to put together a custom listing for your needs.
  11. LOVE ! I had ruled out the guestbook all together, but this is a fantastic idea ! Will do for sure ! Thanks so so much for sharing !
  12. Thanks for the comparison ! In aerial photos I think DPC looks a little more "elaborate" but for interior photos DPB wins! I've been looking for pictures for the Honeymoon Suite, but can't find any - are you both booking this room category? Oh, and as an extra note - I was reading through the Wedding Guide this evening and saw that for the Dreams of Love & Ultimate packages, the honeymoon package is then complimentary (champagne breakfast in bed, free massages, petit fours @ turn down service, romantic beach dinner). I didn't notice this the first time I read the guide, but I think it adds a lot of little "special" values for the bride and groom. I don't think the Honeymoon package is free when you get the complimentary wedding. Do either of you girls have your reception location decided on? Several other threads had suggested that you can't actually book your reception until your meeting with the WC, so hopefully that's not an issue for date twins !
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of booking our stay at the Dreams Palm Beach for April 25-May 2, 2013 - any other 2013 brides out there? Choosing a resort is much more stressful then I had ever imagined and hoping seeing other brides choosing DPB will help ease the worry ! I'm still also considering Dreams Punta Cana, but reviews suggest wedding groups would be happier at DPB - any insight from you girls? Looking forward to meeting some other 2013ers !
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm in the process of booking our stay at the Dreams Palm Beach for April 25-May 2, 2013 - any other 2013 brides out there? Choosing a resort is much more stressful then I had ever imagined and hoping seeing other brides choosing DPB will help ease the worry ! I'm still also considering Dreams Punta Cana, but reviews suggest wedding groups would be happier at DPB - any insight from you girls? Looking forward to meeting some other 2013ers !
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