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  1. I have been on vacation few times at Catalonia Maroma and Catalonia Tulum . They are both amazing resorts. I do prefer Catalonia Tulum because its adults only but Maroma is amazing as well. I have seen one wedding at Maroma and it looked nice. Same group had dinner reservation at one of the restaurants. If you girls have any questions regarding the resorts I would gladly answer them
  2. Love the ideaaaa. I just have to figure out who can do this for me lol. Probably mom or my best friend. Every time I go on vacation I tell myself I will clean the house before leaving but it never happens
  3. I hate when someone says that they don't have money to come to your wedding and next thing you know they are planning a vacation/trip 2 months after your wedding.
  4. I will also do a boudoir album. Since I am tight on money I will have my best friend take pictures of me I will just get an album. I was thinking of getting a professional photographer but when I checked prices I decided not to.
  5. Honestly I don't think there are any rules, you can do what you feel like doing. We will have our AHR when we come back from Mexico, probably 2 weeks after. I would like to have it outside but it is too cold in Chicago in October and I didn't want to wait until May.
  6. Great site....thank you for sharing. I think I can add more stuff to my OOT bags lol
  7. We are just having MOH and best man since we knew that both of them would be coming for sure. My other friends were not 100% sure if they would be able to come so I didn't ask any of them to be part of the bridal party.
  8. My mom wanted to pay for my dress but I didn't let her because I know that she is kind of tight on money right now.
  9. Laura what is your wedding date? I know that during winter months most people go to their rooms by 6pm. I have been to Mexico few times during winter and we would always go to our room by 5pm because the sun goes done and it gets chilly in the water.
  10. I just wanted to share a great deal that I found today. I stopped by Wal Mart and found green and blue bubba kegs for $4 ea. They are 34oz. So ladies check your local Wal Mart they might have them on sale.
  11. I am freaking out girls. I just read bunch of reviews on trip advisor about beach at Dreams Tulum. They all say that it is very rocky. All my guests love to swim in the ocean and not the pool. We never swim in the pool. Please tell me that its not as bad as they say it is .
  12. I agree with everybody else. Your guests are already paying enough to see you get married so it would be nice from the bride and groom to pay for the dinner. Honestly I would be offended if I went to a wedding and I was asked to pay for my own dinner.
  13. They have a warehouse in NY. Here is the address that they have on their website: Wrap With Us 277 Robbins lane Syosset, NY 11791
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