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  1. Kelsey57, Check out my planning thread (link is in my signature) and my wedding pics. I got married at Reef Gazebo and it was the best spot on the resort. Message me with questions. As for the photographer, you can get a custom package. I might have prices in my planning thread. If not, message me and I will find them for you. Happy planning!
  2. TyTy, you need to book a stay for your photographer. That way she will be your guest, and nobody can stop your guest form taking pictures. It is a little bit more pricey, but it is soo worth it. The package that they offer is 100 pics for 1400. I got about 1000 edited and about 4000 raw pics for 1300$. Another good idea could be looking for someone else who is getting married around the same date and splitting photogs cost. Look for photogs that are willing to shoot your wedding in exchange of vacation. That is what I did, I met a girl here that was getting married a day after me at the same resort and we split cost of our photographer. It was the best decision I made Excluding marrying my husband of course
  3. Thank you Yeah send it to him and if he likes it, I can give you the name of etsy seller. From what I've heard Petawawa is way better than Brandon (I've never been to Brandon and I really hope I would not have to), at least it is definitely warmer here. It is pretty good to raise kids and good for people who love outdoors. Happy planning!
  4. Tamara, I just voted for you. I love your story and totally understand how hard it is to be apart for so long. My husband is in forces too. Good Luck with the contest!
  5. Ask your wedding planner at the resort, they could have some starfish there
  6. Hey eteal, I just sent you email. I loved everything about my wedding, it went absolutely perfect without any glitches. I have some tips and info in my planning thread, also I have pics from my wedding in my signature. Message me if you have any questions. Happy Planning!
  7. Wow it took them quite a while. I received mine back in January. I used mine to change mine and that was it. You dont need to have it recognized anywhere. I called service Ontario and they told me that I did not have to do a thing with it, except to use it for a name change. I would guess Qc should have same rules.
  8. Congrats on your decision to buy house! It is very exciting news. I found for me buying the house was just like buying my wedding dress. Once I was in our house, I knew it was the one. I did not even want to look at any other houses . I hope it will help you.
  9. I would hem it to the sandals if you want to wear sandals for the most of the time. I would not want to trip in the dress and would not want to twist my uncle in those heals in the sand. Just my opinion. I just took pics in my shoes and walked in sandals the rest of the time
  10. Norma you look absolutely gorgeous! Can you pm me your diet and cleanse plan? I would appreciate it so much
  11. Thank you You definitely have lots of time to decide on that Longer veil is definitely better in terms of wind, but it is a bit of a pain too, my husband stepped on it a many times and he had it wrapped around his legs during our first dance So watch out for that too
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