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  1. Congratulations MsBlissMpls! We got married in January in Mexico and our AHR is tomorrow afternoon! We are having it at my in-laws place - they have a big backyard. So far, the forecast calls for clouds with showers We rented a large tent so hopefully it will keep our guests dry. We hired a caterer who will be passing around appies for 3.5 hours. We also plan to wear our wedding attire again. Pls pray for sunshine for us!
  2. How fun! I am filling out the questions now and will submit our application shortly!
  3. Hi mic813, we had 38 people attend so we did have to pay for the extra dinners but it was worth it! These people spent time and money to come celebrate with us so the cost of dinner in comparison was miniscule. One tip I can give you is to cut costs down during the cocktail hour. The resort wanted to charge us 14 additional portions for the cocktail hour appetizers (I think it was about $17 per person) but we just told them to supply enough for the 24 people portion that is included with the package - it was more than enough. There were still appies being passed around after we got back from taking photos. In my opinion, I don't think you need to buy an appy portion for every single one of your guests unless you think they will all eat quite a bit before the reception. There are just "less" appies to be shared among your guests. People don’t get their own portions – it is passed around on a big serving plate. Our guests ate it in moderation as they didn’t want to ruin their appetite for dinner. It will also depend on how many guests you have coming. For example, if you have 50 total, maybe just buy an additional 10 portions on top of the 24 included. That is just my recommendation - totally up to you of course. Hope that makes sense and can save you some $$ as things can add up quickly Happy planning and congrats again!
  4. Hi shannonmarie, aww thank you! I had 5 bridesmaids so instead of buying fresh bouquets @ $65 each at the resort, I ordered silk flower bouquets online and brought them to Mexico. They looked and felt real unless you really examined them. I used the two corsages that were included in the Divine package for my mom and mother in law. They are pretty good with little things like that so I am pretty sure you can swap it for bouquets if you don't need the corsages.
  5. We got married in January 2012. Our TA got us a group rate around April 2011 and most family booked right away.We reserved 32 seats (16 double occupancy rooms) and the rate was held for 90 days. Some friends waited a bit before booking to see if the price was lower elsewhere but it wasn't so they ended up booking with our rate at the end of July. Others waited until about October to book and ended up paying a little bit more. By late November, the prices skyrocketed and the Jr Suite type rooms were sold out. I would suggest holding your seats as soon as possible after you secure your wedding date with your desired resort. Happy planning
  6. Hi mic813, we recently got married at Now Jade in January and we went with the Divine Package. I highly recommend going with this package - you just get so much more with it than the other two, including a romantic dinner on the beach and the couples massage at the Spa. Also IMO, the video was the BEST part of the package! You get to re-live your whole day - the day passes so fast and it was so wonderful to watch it from the outside. The videographer does an amazing job with the video and he incorporated our wedding songs into it. He captured moments in my room when I was getting my hair & makeup done, me putting on my wedding dress on with my bridemaids help, the entire ceremony, the champagne toast and the photo session afterwards. The upgraded photo package includes a hardcover photobook and the photographer capturing the 'getting ready' shots and the whole reception. Hope that helps!
  7. For our destination wedding, we invited about 70 people and 38 made it, mostly family and close friends. IMO, it was a the perfect size group. We had always discussed that we wanted to spend quality time with all our guests as they made the time and financial committment to come celebrate us. With our group size, we had time to spend with everyone - some at the beach, at the pool, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just drinking & hanging out in the lobby/beach bar in the evening. We even had one evening to spend with just each other with a romantic dinner on the beach as that is also important. If our group was any bigger, we would have difficulty fitting in quality time to spend with everyone. In the end, whoever makes it to your DW are those amazing people who want to share in your happiness and special day! We are having our AHR this weekend and are inviting everyone on the original list including those who made it to Mexico. We have about 60 people who RSVP'ed yes already. Best wishes everyone
  8. Hi brides, we got married at Now Jade in January. The resort is so beautiful and Pilar ensured our wedding day was as perfect as we imagined. I got in touch with the DJ, photographer and videographer about 5 months before our wedding. The DJ requested a list of "must play", "do not play" & the mother/son & bride/groom dance songs from us which we emailed to them before we arrived to the resort. It was nice to communicate with all the different people who would work with us on our day to make sure we are happy. Here is a link to my full review of Now Jade: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/5858 Happy planning everyone
  9. I had 5 bridesmaids and I paid for their dresses. It was from Forever 21 so it didn't cost much at all. It was the exact colour of our wedding - magenta, so it was perfect. My mom sewed thick ivory satin sashes right underneath the bust. They looked great! Didn't want to spend so much on BM dresses that they may not wear again.
  10. Here are my shoes! - they were my 'something new' for my wedding It was a wedding present from my sister/maid of honour. I love the bling on it! We got married on the rooftop patio so the heel was not an issue. I took them off during our photo session on the beach and wore them again for part of the reception... shoes came off when the dancing started
  11. Hi brides! We got married at Now Jade in January and everything was perfect! The resort is amazing and our wedding coordinator, Pilar pulled everything together. We had the best day of our lives Here is a link to my full review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/now-riviera-cancun-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/5858 Don't worry too much about the small stuff, you will have the most amazing wedding at Now Jade! All our guests told us it was the best wedding they've ever attended! Happy planning and please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions!
  12. LPerry, I know exactly what you are feeling. We just had our destination wedding in January and we had the most amazing time. But the year leading up to it was not as easy. We had many friends who avoided us after we announced that it was a destination wedding and even some that totally never responded way past the RSVP date. We gave everyone 11 months notice - more than enough time. It was very hurtful and I got upset many times because this was a very special time of our lives when these people are suppose to happy for you and look forward to celebrating with you - not taking it away. I just didn't understand why they couldn't be honest with us and say "hey, I'd love to come but I won't be able to afford it, etc" whatever - just be upfront about it. Don't be a stranger after 10+ years of friendship. It made it really awkward to be around them and have our wedding topic be the elephant in the room. I was happy with those who told us straight up that they cannot make it. Okay, great we understand and now we can just move on. The thing that bothered me most is that of the people who backed out, they are the ones who could totally afford it - most of them live at home so they don't have mortgage/big bills to pay for. They could definitely afford one week in Mexico. Oh well, their loss anyway because we had the most amazing time. And we told everyone, this trip is not all about the wedding - it is about them getting a wonderful vacation out of it. All we are asking for was one day out of 7. Many of our guests did their own excursions during the week and had a great time. We all still made time to hang out with each other at the pool and on the beach. Plus my husband and I got some alone time before and after the wedding. It was fun walking around the resort and seeing familiar faces and hearing how their day went. After a while we just decided to not stress about it and focus all our positive energy on those wonderful people who booked and made it to the wedding. In the end, we had a total of 38 guests who came and told us it was not only the most beautiful resort they've ever stayed at, it was the best wedding they ever attended. They all wanted to extend their vacation! My best advice to you is don't waste your energy on people who cannot be honest to you. Those who make it, are honest with you or at least really put in the effort to try to come are your real friends. You will have the most amazing wedding and those who are able to share it with you are the lucky ones. Happy planning All the best to you & your soon-to-be hubby!
  13. Hi ChocoTaco7568, the photography company located on site at Now Jade is called Adventure Photos. We communicated with the head photographer, Anthony Crocker well before our wedding via emails. When we got to the resort, his colleage, Federico met with us instead and was the official photographer for our wedding day. Federico did an amazing job. If you want specific shots, just let him know - he is willing to please. Happy planning!
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