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  1. Hi Ladies, I just had my wedding on December 3rd., but never got around to writing a review. Like everyone on this site, I was so worried about every little detail...but like you read on all the posts here, your wedding will be perfect! No matter what The only time that was available for my ceremony was 2pm, because of another wedding...which I was not very happy with because it was so early in the day. When the day came, I found out that there were no other weddings that day!!! I was a little annoyed, but had planned for it at that point, so whatever. It was December, so it wasn't too hot and its breezy and shady out at the gazebo so we were fine. Our timeline went like this...brunch at 8am, hair & makeup at the resort spa 11am (took 45mins total for both...I was shocked but also very happy with how it turned out), girls get ready at 12:30, pictures until 2pm. Ceremony at 2pm, pictures with the resort photographer immediately after (again, I was worried, but they actually turned out really good, plus we had a friend take pics too). Guests just hung out, had some drinks at the bar/their rooms & freshened up. 4pm we had our cocktail hour at the Baracuda Bar with the Miriachi band (they were really fun and added a little "extra" to the cocktail hour. 5pm we had dinner on the beach next to the natural pool. Picture perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. Again, it was Dec, so it was a little chilly in the evening, I wore my gown and a pashmina. We had cake, speeches etc on the beach. After dinner (around 8pm) we went to Desires bar for a little "afterparty/reception." We also had our civil ceremony in Canada before we left (just parents, moh, bestman, & grandparents to keep the Mexico wedding special). And then we had our AHR in January. I had the Ultimate package. It was worth it for us because we did not hire any outside vendors. Both Jacy & Sandra are great. I communicated via email with Jacy the whole time leading up the wedding (she gets quicker as it gets closer to your wedding and then when I got to the resort I found out that Sandra would be coordinating my wedding. She had my file from Jacy, she knew everything I wanted it and it all went perfectly . Here are a couple things that annoyed me, but whatever: -ridiculous Mexico magazine photoshoot on the beach next to Baracuda bar (and our dinner setup!) while we were having our cocktail hour. (hot girl in a bikini being photographed as she sprawls over the beach bed). The guys loved it...ladies not so much. Sandra asked them to hurry and move, so the photographer came and took pictures of me and my husband and apologized, lol. -Ultimate package covers 20 people...you pay extra for each addtl person's meal AND for each addtl person for the cocktail hour. Only an extra $150 or so for us...but it adds up. -resort guests came to the baracuda bar during our cocktail hour and stayed for about 20mins...some more random girls in the bathing suits while I'm standing there in my wedding gown. I was annoyed but they were the ones who looked silly so I didn't say anything. Some really good things...flowers, Mirachi band...Mexican fare during cocktail hour (tacos/quesadilla etc), ...resort videographer, resort makeup, and Sandra. We had cake at our wedding dinner, so we asked to exchange dessert for 2 appetizers instead. We also asked for late checkout for the "grooms room" for the night before the wedding and just used it for me and the bridesmaids to get ready in pre-wedding instead. For those of you trying to decide if this is the right resort...it worked great for us. I brough my 6 month old, and my friend brought her 2 year old and 9 month old. It was not the best resort I have ever stayed at (restaurants were "good" rooms were very nice etc but nothing was amazing. I liked the fact that it had a family side and a adults only side for our single/ non-family guest, I also liked that it was small. There were only so many places you had to look to find everyone, and you could scan the beach pretty quick. I also loved the gazebo and thought it was beautiful. It is just as nice as it is in the pictures Wow...that's alot of typing...too much for today. Hopefully someone finds it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Planning
  2. Hi Ladies, I just got back from Dreams and had such a great time. I will post a review soon Our wedding was Dec 3, and we were there from Nov 30-Dec10. We saw LOTS of weddings there, and they all looked perfect! The wedding coordinators know what they are doing, so don't worry about a thing! They do this every day! A couple things for the recent posts...I brought my dress with me on the plane, we had connecting flights and once I had to put in overhead storage and then was able to put it in the closet (Air Canada). No problem either way, they prepared it for me at the resort as part of the package and it was perfect. Book your date as soon as you can, like I said, there are sooo many weddings there, the dates fill up fast! I had my wedding at 2pm, it was perfect! We used the resort photographer, and although I would have liked more than 50 pics (incl in the Ultimate pkg) there were some that turned out really really good. We had a friend with us who is also skilled with a camera and he took some great ones at sunset. Let me know if you have and questions...either on here or private message.
  3. Congratulations Mexico102!!! Sounds like you had an amazing time! Glad to hear everything went smoothly and was what you had hoped for. Thank you for posting such a thorough review...another satisfied dpa bride...eases my mind I didn't even think about an extra charge for the cocktail hour, I'm glad you mentioned that.! Was there an extra charge for the mariachi band instead of the trio? Oh, by the way, I looooove chocolate chip cookies AND mashed potatoes, so now I am even more excited to go!
  4. Dreams2010

    Dreams riviera cancun 4/26/2010-amazing!!

    Glad to hear everything was great...and that stressing about the small stuff is not necessary Beautiful wedding, congrats!
  5. Thanks for sharing...beautiful wedding, and sounds like you had a fantastic time
  6. Those are so great! I have been looking for something like this...thanks for the idea and sharing!
  7. Wow...great idea...I never would have thought of multiple orders...
  8. Great ideas ladies, thanks so much for the inspiration!
  9. I am doing aqua and fuschia...with some other bright colors mixed in my bouquet (yellows orange green etc)
  10. Thanks for posting these pictures...your flowers turned out great. I love the ribbon on the bouquet.
  11. Great idea to use a shell! Yours turned out great!
  12. Dreams2010

    Our AHR BBQ *PICS*

    These turned out great...thanks for sharing