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    Fake Flowers

    Umm shipping was cheap!!! I don't know about customs?? I can ask her about that. I know I have got lots of things and sometimes the custom bill comes in later. But it is never very much. Have you sent her an email?
  2. Hi Ladies! I am having a social in Winnipeg well actually my family and friends are having one for me because I live in Ontario now. They wanted to show my Fiance what a social is all about. Anyway I know that they have got liquer reps to get the liquer instead of going to the liquor mart and they are great prizes from them. As well if anyone hasn't ordered their social tickets, I ordered business cards from Vistaprint as my tickets and they look amazing! I also got a conrats banner that matches the tickets and it look AWESOME! Quinn
  3. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    Oh yeah! She is SUPER fast!!! Which is great! My wedding is 5 months away and I have my flowers already!!! Post your samples so i can see! You will love them I am sure!!!
  4. I love the idea of pics when you were that age that is really cute!
  5. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    Thank you!!! I love them!!! They look even better in person, the pics just don't do them justice!!
  6. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    ooops forgot to add these! i think she charged 10 dollars each for these.
  7. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    Thank you!!!! She did all my bouts and corsages too. I will attach a pic of those too. I just have to find them in my email. My bouquet was I believe 150.00 but there is alot of things she can do to cut costs but I was ok with this price. Sometimes if she just take's one flower out it cuts the cost by like 8 or 10 dollars. I am not sure about the exac break down of everything but with shipping and everything my total cost was around $400.00. I got my huge bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, toss bouquet and 12 bouts/corsages. I think that is pretty good and like I said if you want to stay ina particular budget she will do that, and still make it look beautiful. She was great to work with!!!! She will continue to change things send you pics until you are 100% satisfied!!! She is GREAT!
  8. ooo I will have to check this out!
  9. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    Water Me Not is VERY reasonable. She will stay within any budget you set out. Her are a pic of mine.
  10. QSciberras

    Fake Flowers

    I ordered mine from water me not! They are awesome!!! You can send her a pic of anything and she can make them for you! I think her site is www.watermenot.com . Her email is watermenot@aol.com . If you want I can show you pics of mine!
  11. Everything looked great!!! Congrats!