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  1. My colors are tropical pink (fuschia), Island blue (turquoise/ aqua), and sand (khaki). Our theme (don't laugh cuz its borderline corny but it fits us) is "A Perfect Pair". I am using flip flops to carry out the theme.
  2. I am doing a salsa bar during cocktail hour. I considered the candy bar but didn't want to spoil dinner too badly and couldn't figure out how to do it as I desired without bringing way too much stuff.
  3. I know the lanterns are gone but will you please share where you bought them
  4. We've been dating six years but New Year's I suggested we abstain until our wedding night he agreed (under a bit of protest). I thought it was a romantic gesture.
  5. I have been trying to come up with a memorial idea and I am stumped. My situation is a little different... My FI and I had a stillborn son (April made a year ago). We actually postponed our wedding previously because of this. This is still a really fresh wound but I really would like Dylan's memory to be a part of our special day. I don't want to have a tearfest though. I am actually crying now that I am thinking about it. Any ideas? He had Trisomy 13 so I thought about adding the awareness pin in my bouquet or maybe one of the mini frames with his footprints.
  6. That (Twobirdsbridesmaids) was the place where I first fell in love with the convertible gown but the prices were way out of my league. I still paid a bit more because I went with the Dessy Twist (long) but its what I wanted. I looked extensively and everybody has a version including Spiegel, chadwicks, and all of the major designers and department stores, and even Etsy sellers. The tricky part is fabric selection and color and what works best for your girls. My girls range from an 8 to a 24.
  7. If you do not mind saying where did you buy the flip flops?
  8. These are a good find. I considered them but I ended up getting the ones that had tropical designs and flip flops attached.
  9. I originally ordered the dessy convertible gown from bestbridalprices but I wanted an alternate color for my maid & matron and then I have a plus plus size bridesmaid so I ordered them from Welcome to Nuova Vita. She did custom color and fabric and does them quickly. She also has an etsy shop. Also, I looked into using the etsy seller isadoraclothing. Goodluck.
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