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  1. Looking for: -paper lanterns in blues and white -led lights for the lanterns -starfishs, sand dollars, and a variety of seashells -floating candles -blue chair sashes -pashminas -flipflops -hurricane vases, tall vases, pretty much many varieties of vases -driftwood -ivory taffeta -sand ceremony kit -crystals for the tables -just about anything!!! and - DIY KITS My wedding colors are shades of blue, ivory, white and hints of black it is in December on the Beach in Florida! please let me know if you have any of this stuff for sale!!!
  2. interested in the lanterns and chair sashes if they are still available! PMing you now
  3. I have this dress, i love it but i only wear it over my bathing suit now becuase once you wash it it shrinks and becomes very short im only 5'2 so most short dresses are long on me but no bending over in this dress it barely covers my butt cheeks
  4. im getting married in maui also, im also very curious about this because everything i have found is outrageous, my FI says we should just get everyone a happy meal from mcdonalds haha
  5. Im a April 2nd , 2011 Bride also!!!! congrats! We have chosen on Maui, Hawaii, more specifically Lahaina... and we are looking at locations but have pretty much narrowed in on Olowalu plantation! yay!
  6. looks great! oh and love your destinaton choice, i live 5 minutes from siesta key very beautiful you wont regret picking here
  7. My FI and I are wanting to have our baby(puppy) Daphne as our flower girl but don't really know if Hawaii allows dogs to come over without going into quarantine. Has anyone else brought there dog our happen to know the laws behind this? Thanks so much!
  8. these are great we just got an addition to our family (our new baby), Daphne and she is growing so fast we are looking for a new pretty collar for her. p.s. yes she is a puppy not a real human baby lol
  9. oh darn i wanted to see that I kept seeing commercials. I cant believe I missed it!
  10. sounds like a great time cant wait to see the pictures! congratulations!
  11. I got him a tungsten ring with 1 little diamond in it for around 400 also he is getting the cladagh ring i have had since i was 10 tattooed on his ring finger to so that when he is surfing or in the water he can take his ring off and still have a ring on! the tat is around 75 dollars.
  12. I have some horrible drama with my future sister in law also! She was going to be my bridesmaid and we used to be very close but she talked alot of crap behind my FI and I's backs about us getting married and caused some other drama in my FI's family. He doesnt want her at the wedding and either do I. We addressed the invite to His brother and nephew only. Sounds kind of mean but it will be better for us that way. It is your day and your wedding so do what you want!
  13. HAHA YES! my finace complains that i spend more time on the computer looking at this website than i do paying attention to him! he threatens to throw the computer away! I used to be addicted to facebook but i havent been on in weeks BDW forum takes up to much of my time to look at facebook lol
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