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    Post your centerpieces here

    I REALLY like your centerpieces!!! they are beautiful. if you don't mind me asking where did you get them and do they have pink?? thanks!! Quote: Originally Posted by newfiebride I think I am going to have this...not really a centrepiece as such but there are only going to be a few of us so i'm going kinda simple...hopefully it doesn't look tacky?.... (dont mind the wrinkly tablecloth...just using it for a trial pic, lol) I also have a few of these candles but don't know if i'll use them b/c frankly I don't know where I would use them...
  2. atjorgensen

    Sandals/Beaches vs. RIU

    I chose sandals because i researched a lot and sandals is what we were looking for....we wanted no children, a nice resort with things included but not restrictions that i had found at riu and some others, and everyone i talked to about our resort that had been there loved it. it is young but not too young not too old. it is us his mom and dad sister and bro in law so it is perfect for us. my fiance has been to a riu before in cancun and loved it but we were looking for something a little different.
  3. atjorgensen

    Jamaica Tourist Booklet

    OMG...so like i said i called and ordered each of these too..... today i hear a knock at the door and see ups deliver a box. i get it inside and open it and it is a 17lb box of these brochures...there has to be 100 of each at least!! wtf am i gonna do with all of them?! i feel horrible!! so....be sure to specify how many you want them to send. i needed 3 ps. LOL
  4. atjorgensen

    Girls Next Door in Jamaica

    i saw it too and i was so excited even though it wasn't the resort im getting married at. i dvr the show on a regular basis and i love it!! i used to like kendra but im over her. she gets too annoying and acts too "ghetto??" and holly annoys me too....i love bridget tho and of course hef!! glad others saw this episode...it was a fun one, can't wait for the rest on sunday!!
  5. atjorgensen

    wedding at Sandals Ocho Rios

    congrats to you!! although im not a sor bride, its nice to have more sandals brides here. i thought very much about having mine at sor but decided on sdr instead. sor is also beautiful and i have heard great things about it!! good luck with your planning!!
  6. atjorgensen

    Sandals Dunn's River!

    thank you for sharing your pics!! it was nice to get an idea of where our wedding will be before we get there!!
  7. was going to wear flip flops or barefoot. i love the barefoot sandals..prob do that. depends on where our site is...
  8. atjorgensen

    problem with the dress

    TOTALLY know what you are going through!! I have been looking for over a year and now my wedding is in less than 3 months and i decided, but still have my doubts. i was the same way....i wanted the glamourous princess wedding dress but knew i needed more of a simple dress for the beach. i found a dress and i am having it custom made. my fi fell in love with it and has no idea that i am having it made so that made me feel better. good luck to you. it was an extremely difficult decision for me. btw everyone kept saying you'll know when you see it but it never happened for me.
  9. thanks for the pictures!! although i am getting married at dunns river, it was nice to get an idea i guess. my wedding planner just says that i have to see them when i get there. that is a little frustrating cuz i feel like i know nothing about my wedding site yet and its driving me crazy!!! thanks for sharing!!
  10. atjorgensen

    SANDALS Bride??

    they have 2 bouquets to choose from for the free bouquets at sandals, the carnation and the daisy bouquet. i am not fond of either even though they will match your colors. im contemplating having silk flowers done in the bouquet i want. i have been in contact with some vendors here and say it is very common for destination weddings and they will do what i want. just an idea for those of you that don't want the bouquet provided by sandals or that don't want to pay the ridiculous amounts of money they want for another bouquet!!
  11. we are getting our moms gold dipped roses. they are about $50-100 but they are so pretty!!!
  12. atjorgensen

    SANDALS Bride??

    i haven't looked into the photography. i know that sandals doesn't allow outside vendors in so you have to use theirs. i don't know if we will buy any because of cost but his mom will be taking lots of pics....good enough for me!!
  13. I finally found a dress!!!!!!!! I am having this dress custom made for me since it doesnt come in white. i am having it the same as this white with a sweep train!! Im so excited!!! Show Pictures
  14. atjorgensen

    Jamaica Tourist Booklet

    great idea and thanks for the info!!!
  15. atjorgensen

    SANDALS Bride??

    I am also a sandals bride, but never have been there. lots and lots of research and talked to many people who have. welcome to the forum and let me know if i can help!!! ps we booked a oceanview suite