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  1. Bumping! It's been a couple months, and I'm hoping there are some new brides who may be interested in this stuff-PM me if you are!
  2. Nikki- Our reception was about 4 hours. Ceremony 5-5:30, Cocktail hour 5:45-6:45, Dinner/Reception 7-11. After we left the reception, we went to the plaza for more dancing with the dj there. I should tell you that a few weeks before the wedding, Ariadna emailed me that we could stay at the reception until 11 (I had to know how long to make my playlist on my ipod). When we got there, she told us we could stay only until 10. We checked with the restaurant manager when we got to the reception, and he said it was fine if we stay until 11. The servers stayed the whole time, and we were sure to tip them well for staying late with us. Timing is super flexible there-it's not so tightly scheduled like it would be here in the US and Canada. It was super relaxed! Hope this helped-let me know if I can answer any more questions for you: cait713 @ aol.com.
  3. Last attempt at trying to sell this stuff-open to offers!
  4. Â Â Sure thing! Â This is my inspiration picture I sent the Valentin: Â Â Here is the best picture I could find of my bouquet (with my maid of honor's too): Â The Valentin did a great job-the flowers looked exactly like the pictures I had sent, very simple and elegant.
  5. Hi Ladies!  I still have a bunch of stuff I'd love to get rid of! The following are still available:  wedding dress longline bra lantern lights fishing line cake topper turquoise confetti turquoise pocket bags lanyards letterheads solid favor boxes striped favor boxes ceremony programs thank you cards  I'm open to offers-please PM me!
  6. Hi Ladies!  Our photographer, Sascha Gluck, posted some of our pictures yesterday! Here's a link if you'd like to check them out  http://cancunphotosblog.com/
  7. Hey tinkertoy-I've posted a few pictures of my reception at the Lobster Pot in my review, but I'll post them here too      It's basically a private little terrace that's attached to the Lobster Pot restaurant. I'd say it's not as formal as the terrace of the Mexican restaurant (I've seen pictures of receptions there-it's beautiful), but we weren't going for that. I guess it's all about the vibe you want. Good luck!
  8. Hi Rikki- Â I bought the plain fans from Oriental Trading and then my mom and I "sewed" the turquoise ribbon around the outside. It turned out to be very time consuming, but I loved how they came out! Â
  9. Yay-I'm so happy you got everything and you're happy with it! Congrats and best of luck with your wedding! Â
  10. You won't regret your choice-the Valentin is amazing! I'd definitely recommend the Once in a Lifetime package-it was definitely worth the extra money. The big things that are included in the Once in a Lifetime that aren't in the others are the DVD of the ceremony, couple's dinner on the beach, massages and body wraps (amazing!), and the Mexican trio. We're so glad we chose this package! Â The only thing that they charged extra for at the ceremony was the hupa-it was around $400, which we thought was ridiculous, but paid it anyways. Aside from our upgrade, this was the only thing we actually paid extra for-everything else was included in the package. We did bring almost all of the decorations though, chair sashes, ceremony fans, sand ceremony stuff, everything for the reception...it was a lot. Â The emerald room is beautiful. I've never been in a golden suite, but I'm sure it's just as lovely. We like the emerald because it has this view: Â Â and it has this jacuzzi: Â Â I visited a swim up room, and just a regular junior deluxe room, and they were both beautiful. I have more pictures of the emerald room if you'd like to see! Â Best of luck planning your wedding-let me know if I can help you answer any more questions! Â Â
  11. I'm so glad they fit and you like them! I got my DIY craftiness on for my wedding-so fun!
  12. Yes-they are still available! Please PM me your email address and zip code and I will find out shipping for you.
  13. There are a lot of items that are still available-I'd love to get them out of my house Please PM if interested!
  14. Got the lantern lights at either Michaels or AC Moore. They were pricey, but worth it-the lanterns looked beautiful!
  15. Go with the Once in a Lifetime! The extras are SO worth it! The mariachi, massages and body wraps, definitely worth the extra money! We upgraded ourselves to the Emerald Suite, which was an extra $90 per night. We had the same room last year when we got engaged, and thought it would be kind of anti-climactic to get one of the lesser expensive rooms. All the rooms are gorgeous, though. My in-laws had a swim up suite, and it was beautiful. Next time, we'd just go with a regular room.