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  1. Magalie!! Everything was gorgeous - I love all of the little touches and Travis' menu sounded wonderful (I'm jealous! haha). You looked fantastic - your flowers, the dress, everything turned out to be perfect! Judging by when we saw you the next day - you had a great time. It was SO nice to meet you, sorry we didn't come up and say goodbye when you left.
  2. Holy cow! Mel that's great - I can't wait to hear more from you and Lindsay. How perfect! So this is the first time that I have logged on since the wedding - returning to packing, moving, and maaaassssss amounts of work has kept me from spending time on here. I'm working on my review, which like Magalie's, is a work in progress and going to take a while... But in the meantime, let me say it was absolutely wonderful!! Nathen and I had a great time. My parents fell in love with Playa Fiesta, Nathen's family loved every minute and our guests are still talking about it. Even those guests (like my boss) that we were worried would miss the lack of gym, spa, other big resort amenities didn't think twice about it and had a fabulous time. The staff, Adam, Lindsay, and Blaire were all wonderful, and the rooms were all beautiful. More stories, reviews and raves to follow! Good luck PF brides and I'd be happy to answer any questions. Here is a link to our slideshow YouTube - Sara and Nathen: A Puerto Vallarta Wedding
  3. Thank you ladied for all of the great ideas! This thread is perfect!!
  4. Magalie, Hope the last days before you leave are going well. Have a fabulous week and you're going to make a gorgeous bride! Hopefully I can say hi when we arrive as you guys are leaving Congratulations... -Sara
  5. Purple, Orange and Red are our colors and they are very festive! Also purple and turquoise look great together. Good luck!
  6. Fantastic review! Sounds like all of your planning worked out and even what wasnt perfect made for wonderful memories! Congratulations!!
  7. Shortnsweet you're on the cruise right now and I bet everyone loves their bags! Well done and congratulations new bride!!
  8. Question for past PF brides - Many of you had fun drinks lined up for the cocktail reception after the ceremony that matched your colors (i.e. Kate's blue drinks, etc). Did you ask for a signature drink and was that included in your open bar price? Or did you have to pay extra to have a signature drink? We're trying to pass on the extra charges like Mojito bar, etc. Thanks!
  9. Mishka its all gorgeous! Those are similar to our colors too so it is great to see it in pictures (although yours is much better!!)
  10. **BUMP** Thanks for the great information ladies. To all of you who have already been married in the churches in PV - I am about 30 days away and have some questions for you! We are getting married at Our Lady of Refuge and Padre Esteban is saying the mass. 1. Did you pick your readings beforehand and just tell Padre Esteban what you wanted when you met with him? 2. What songs did you pick for the processional, prelude, etc? I sent a pretty basic list (or thought it was) and the organist didnt think that he could play 4 out of 5 of them. I'd like to get this figured out! 3. Is Father Peterson still there!? Anyone know? He sounds fabulous but I would never want to ask Padre Esteban if its going to make him mad 4. Did you ever get Padre Esteban to correspond with you by email? He wont write me back. Sorry to bombarde you with questions - and thanks!!
  11. Sounds like we're both in the same position with the dance floor- DH is willing to cut it out and I'm the undecided one. Oh and I second the cost issue! Good gracious it all adds up quickly. Planning is going ok, but work has been so insane the past few weeks that I have had to take a break from wedding stuff - now I feel a bit overwhelmed and behind on it all. DH is in Australia this week so I will hopefully be able to get some good wedding time. P.S. I peeked at your website today and I LOVE the post from youtube. Well done with the website! You're a much more dedicated bride than I am Was there another wedding between Crystal and yours? I love the pics and reviews!
  12. Haha! Sounds like you're doing a great job of not being bridezilla! Well done - especially this close to the wedding. Good luck! More importantly - How excited are you that you're a MONTH from the wedding!! Hope everything (besides the dress) is going well. Enjoy these last weeks - everyone tells me they go by so quickly! Question - did you end up getting the dance floor? We're thinking about cutting that out to do some other fun things like fireworks, etc.
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