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  1. Thanks for the great review... we are now considering this property, so it's so useful to get first hand details!
  2. That is sooo cute! And totally sounds like a sit-com! Congratulations!
  3. This seems like a wonderful, personal, and great way to honour those not able to be there... I'm going to keep it in mind for sure!
  4. Great thread and great, moving ceremonies... Wondering if anyone has ceremonies including a hand fasting ceremony? We are considering having that as part of our wedding, and haven't seen any on here... YET - will keep looking! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great list... I feel like I need all the help I can get! Nice to see it all laid out like that! Thanks!
  6. OH MY... How rude am I?? AND CONGRATULATIONS!! What a GREAT birthday!
  7. Best of Luck with your planning! This site is FULL of info and helpful tips!
  8. Wow... that's so exciting! And sounds similar to my situation... we've talked, looked at rings, he's asked my parents... but I'm still waiting for the actual "Official Proposal"... I'll be SURE to post my story - once I know it!
  9. jac


    Welcome Fellow Canadian Good Luck with Planning... there is a ton of info here to use that's for sure!
  10. jac

    Hi there!

    Congratulations! You will find a ton of info on this forum... a TON!
  11. Thanks for the insight on time lines and protocol here... we haven't finalized our date, and part of the problem is that we are probably not going to have the year in advance heads up for people... guess we better get organized!
  12. How Fun! This is similar to what we are planning on doing as well... FI is a web designer - so I figure might as well take advantage of that!
  13. Well... would be good to hear more feedback about the resort etc. But on the other hand, the appealing thing about Huatulco is that it is NOT so busy!! Happy to hear good reviews so far from some of the brides from earlier this year though.
  14. Well... I haven't been on here most of the summer... been a busy few months for me. We haven't booked yet as we've had so much stuff going on and well - it hasn't happend yet. Probably jumped the gun in thinking January - will most likely now be February or March... will keep you guys posted! I'm getting all caught up and now focusing on this again! YAY!
  15. jac


    Good Luck with planning! Welcome to the forum - you will find all the tips and ideas you need here... there is a ton of information!
  16. Hey Lakerbride! So - I emailed Dreams Hualtulco directly and got the wedding package information and details from the WC there. It took a couple of days - but I did receive it. I also noticed that if you check out SIGNATURE or another online site, there are Huatulco packages available now... I was wondering to for a while because it wasn`t even on the list of destinations for the charter flights out of Vancouver for 2010 until recently! Hope you`ve gotten some more info now though! Please, let me know if you would like me to send you the package I got. I did notice that it says specifically in the package that 2010 pricing is not out and people would be informed of pricing later... but, I think that`s pretty standard.
  17. Hey Nicole from Saskatoon! I`m Jenna from Vancouver - also planning to go to Huatulco! We haven`t confirmed dates... probably January! Have you been there - it`s supposed to be amazing! Good Luck and Happy Planning!
  18. jac

    St. Thomas Bride

    Welcome to the Forum! Good Luck in planning... there is so much information here - it's easy to get addicted!
  19. Hi There! We are thinking of doing all our Save the Date / Invitations, etc. with email & a customized website (my finance is a designer). This is simply because we want to stay as GREEN as possible as well as being on a fairly tight budget... I've never been one to keep a wedding invitation that I've had, and certainly have no expectation that someone else keep mine... and don't want to be wasteful... especially during these "economic times". My question - is this completely tacky? Or in this day and age do you think it's acceptable? Would love to hear some feedback! Thank you so much... I also really love the boarding pass or passport ideas that many of you have done... just wondering about our initial idea of doing it all online! I appreciate it! Jenna
  20. We haven't booked yet - I just heard back that there is availability in the last half of the month (which is when we were thinking). So I'm hoping that will happen. We will discuss this weekend I think and come up with some dates. I think once we decide exactly when / what we want - it'll all fall into place.... Right? Ha ha ha!
  21. jac

    New from Canada

    Congratulations! Good Luck & Good Planning!
  22. jac

    Hello from Toronto!

  23. Any new / upcoming Dreams Huatulco brides?? I appreciate all the info everyone has provided.... it's not as common of a location... so happy to get info. Dreams looks like it will be a DREAM come true!! OK, enough, I've been on here for hours tonight and should really sleep! Looking forward to connecting with people though!
  24. We are going to do our wedding in January, and likely will wait until May or June for the AHR... of which I think we are having 2!
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