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  1. Well ladies- I just wanted to say _thank you_ for all the tips on planning the big day. This new thread will make it much more convenient for new LC brides to reference planning ideas- it was an awesome call Ann We leave on Tuesday for PV!!! I can't believe I'm getting married in about a week- yaaaaay! I'll post pictures when I get back
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR Here is the list I have - for the rest of 2009. I can't promise that it's complete or 100% accurate! I try to keep up with it, but I'm sure I miss things here and there. The ones with the * by them aren't very active, but hopefully they at least drop in and let us know how planning is going, and then come back and post a review ... that's what makes this forum work for everyone! Oh my goodness Ann, this image has reminded me that our extended engagement is almost over! I can't believe I'm on the list of upcoming weddings; I better get moving on planning!
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    Many thanks from a newbie!

    Congratulations & welcome!
  4. After watching many (an understatement for sure) slide shows, I've seen several ideas on honoring deceased family members. I tried buying kits at Michael's but the frames were too small/cheap looking. I finally found a site that sells a reasonably priced & decent sized bouquet charm: Square Memory Bouquet Frames | Unique Wedding Favors, Accessories and Wedding Invitations only at Jean M! Hope this helps those of you who might be struggling with the absence of a parent/family member.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by MaryS I am inviting everyone to the lunch. For the rehersal at the Mayan it will just be the wedding party. I haven't decided on the drinks yet. I was thinking doing soda and pitchers of Sangria. I will talk to River Cafe and find out what I can do. I can't remember if you said if you've been in contact with River Cafe or not. But if not let me know if you need their contact info. If you mention me I am sure they can work out a great menu for you. =) Hi Mary, I was wondering if you would be willing to share the contact information you have for River cafe. Dreams priced us out for $30 pp & $16 is something that we can squeeze in our budget. Thanks! Jessica
  6. I know you specified Los Angeles but on the off-chance you're willing to take a drive. Check out The Dresser in Fullerton. I had a humuliating experience at DB & was turned off to shopping for a gown for months. In any case, the experience at The Dresser definitely made up for it & it's where I ordered my gown. The Dresser 112-A West Commonwealth Ave Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 870-7101
  7. Congratulations on your marriage! You look AMAZING and those moments that you suffered in your heels were well worth it It looked like everyone enjoyed your wedding- just beautiful!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by msjcastillo Those answers help a lot! I'm going to have to ask Kelley about those parasols- they are TOO cute! Thanks for all the help Andi, I just saw your TTD slideshow- it's AWESOME!!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi awww i am going to find the crush thread now! oh so I already had a mod combine the two threads, this one and the one that was started the other day. just to keep the forum clean and have all the LC info in one spot! hope those answers help! Those answers help a lot! I'm going to have to ask Kelley about those parasols- they are TOO cute! Thanks for all the help
  10. Just wanted to let you ladies know that JCPenney's is having a sale on The Havenera Company guayaberas ($24 each). There was an array of colors & fabrics that would be perfect for groomsmen. They also had St. John's Bay linen suits in white & khaki. I picked up a linen suit with a guayabera and paid $109. Sadly, the store sold out of the jacket in my FI's size & I tried fitting him into one that was too big. Anyway- thought I'd pass it along in case anyone could use a sale!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi these tables were set up to the right of the bar, later in the night this is where the tequila tasting table was also the box just in front of the green umbrella was for the postcards, we did a postcard guestbook the bags were for people to put all their wedding shwag in (maraca, pashmina, cake, m&m's) more still... Hi Andi! I love your reception set up- the pop of color is awesome! I had two quick questions about some of the items you posted: 1. Where did you find your lime green parasols? 2. Was it cold enough for your guests to use the pashminas? (I'm getting married in December & don't know if it gets 'cold' enough there at that time to justify the purchase to my FI). Thanks! Jessica
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MegaShay The suit is from Jos A Bank (color is called British Tan). Here's the link: JoS. A. Bank Clothiers - Signature 2-Button Jacket- British Tan, Cambridge Grey Thank you SO much!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi I would have her practicing for sure my only thought as I read this thread was the stairs at Las Caletas. they might have difficulty getting down the stairs? possibly you would want them to start from the bottom of the stairs or have an adult help them down the stairs? something like that? Hi Andi, Thanks for reminding me about the stairs. (I haven't been before so I'm trying to envision everything I need to consider from everyone's slideshow- I forgot that it was a trek from the casita!) Starting them from the bottom will be my best bet. BTW: Your wedding looked amazing!
  14. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences-- I just knew some of you would provide suggestions. Thank you ladies!