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  1. Awesome!!! I will try that website out as well. I want to send out my save the dates by late July. You did an awesome job!! HAPPY PLANNING!!! Liz
  2. Everything looks amazing!! I'm using your same colors!!!!! I think I'm going to copy your brochure idea!!! Thanks and CONGRATS!
  3. Everything looks amazing!!! Congrats!!! I'm also getting married in DR!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing!!! The pics are awesome!! I plan to be a RIU BAchata bride also!!!!
  5. Elisabete4

    POP Riu Bachata Jan 3 09

    THANKS for sharing!!! I am planning on getting married at the RIU Bachata as well!!!!! Amazing pics!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. OMG...I LOVE ur TTD pics!!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl!!!!!! `Liz
  7. Hola!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! For some reason I cannot view the pics!!!! I am also thinking about LaRomana as a destination... Thanks! Liz
  8. Thanks!!! Happy Planning!
  9. Wow, your oot bags are AWESOME!!! I love the Pashimas idea! I will probably do the same! Congrats girl!
  10. Oh wow...these ideas are great!! I had never heard of a Jack-n-Jill! It will be so awesome to get some extra money to help with the oot bags!!!!
  11. Elisabete4

    ***Wright Travel Agency and BDW Travel Agents***

    Hello everyone!! I am soooo excited as I'm going to DR in a few days again to try to zero in on an all inclusive resort for our wedding next summer!! Woohoo!!!! We are looking for a travel agent to help us with our travel plans and wedding arrangements in either Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, DR. We have still not decided on which location we'll get married in. We'll need flights and accommodations for ~150-200 people for sometime in mid June 2010. I would like to be able to offer my guests the best possible travel packages. I am not sure if we can do separate hotel packages and separate flight packages. I am looking for quotes or a TA in the NYC area with whom my fiance and I can just go speak with and see what's available. Any referral will be appreciated!!! Thanks everyone and Happy Planning!!! ~Elisabete & Miguel~
  12. oh wow...ur pics are AWESOME!!! I am going to steal the pail idea for the flower girl!! CONGRATS
  13. Hi BrideChilla! I actually have a potential wedding guest list of 150ppl!!!!! I plan to provide oot bags per person and different ones for the kids. On here I found personalized coloring books and all those nice things for the kids. Now, my suggestion is to prepare everything a few months before hand and have it shipped to the resort and have your wedding planner hold it for you until your arrival. Just make sure to put insurance on the package. I will be doing this for my dw in the Dominican Republic. Hope my advice helps! Happy Planning!
  14. WOW..everything looks amazing! Congrats!