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  1. Hi ladies I just had my wedding on wednesday and it was FANTASTIC, better than I ever imagined...Natalia was great!! Will right a review once I get home.
  2. I was going to make a thread about BitterSweet too. I orignally ordered a bridal bouquet, two bridesmaid bouqet (which would also be used for centerpieces) and five boutineires, I got that no problem. Two days after I received it I emailed Crystal because more people were coming (also I added another bridesmaid)and I needed one more centerpiece and a boutinere for a new groomsmen. I paid for the new order and She told me that she still had flowers left over from my previous order and would get it within the week. That was in May I have gotten two emails from her since then, once in late June telling me she sent it and then one two weeks ago saying that UPS lost the package and she sent me another one express. If she sent it express I would have received it the next day since we are both in Canada. Obvioiusly I havent received anything. Im leaving to Cancun in one week. I now have one table with no centerpiece, a bridesmaid with no bouquet and a groomsman with no boutinere. I dont know what to do....
  3. Thanks Ida for the review, you were a BEAUTIFUL bride. I got a price from Natalia for a dessert buffet, it is $20/person, taxes and services in. Did anyone get it? If so was it worth it? Thx
  4. congrats and welcome to the forum, you will find tons of info here!!!
  5. I am just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting email replies back from Natalia lately? Is she on holiday or something because I have emailed her three times in the past three weeks and I have gotten no reply (usually she replies back within the week)...is anyone else having communication problems??
  6. I will be wearing barefoot sandals for the ceremony. I bought them from Home Page Barefoot sandals for beach wedding or fun any time. These are my reception shoes, they are Christian Louboutin
  7. WOW mummergirl, you looked gorgeous and the pics are AMAZING!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl ladies, lincoln and lori are pretty much the coolest people ever, and i cannot wait to see all the pics they took (they said it should be about 2 weeks)! there were power outages in the hour preceding the ceremony and poor lori ran up 9 flights of stairs with her camera equipment just to get to my room in time to take "getting ready" pics. tom said lincoln was great as well, and the guys all felt very comfortable with him. i wish i could have convinced tom to do a TTD session because they were so easy to work with, but tom is SO not a picture person ... i know i was putting him through hell just doing wedding pics. i know there's a few really great shots because i saw a few on screen ... and lincoln at one point told us we could pack it up and not bother with any more pics because he "just got GOLD" lol. if you're second-guessing your photographers at all, without even having seen my photos yet, i can say lincoln and lori are a great choice. Cant wait to see your pics, Im glad everything worked out. I cant wait to have my wedding and ttd pics taken by lincoln and lori!!!!!
  9. Im soooo sorry you had to go through that but thanks for posting your review and warning other brides about him.
  10. Doranna has a website now, its Doranna Hair Stylist - Freelance Italian Hair Stylist - Playa del Carmen - Riviera Maya - Cancun - Tulum
  11. congratulations and welcome to the forum
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by stacey Dee83, you flowers look great. Im very impressed Thanks Stacey Im very happy with them!
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