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  1. I would go with number one too. I do like the red one too, I wanted to do turquoise jewelry for mine but all my friends said it took away from the dress, so whatever you choose don't let it steal the show.
  2. I can't believe how many excursions you got in!!! That's great!!! Thanks for sharing! We only did the Tulum Ruins, a Cenote, PDC twice and that's all we had time for with the wedding and all!!! I agree that the Tulum Ruins are beautiful but leave hardly any shelter from the crazy hot sun. We almost couldn't enjoy them because of the heat, we went straight for the beach and spent most of the excursion in the water!!! Well worth it though.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MissSimone I looooove these shoes for my wedding! They're gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent*-*Rosette-Ankle Sandal*-*Neiman Marcus So beautiful! Great find!
  4. Great photos! Congratulations!
  5. I bet it was difficult to choose which ones to put up. Thanks for sharing!
  6. We did a cenote TTD session too and it's hard work! We haven't gotten our pictures back yet but I'm sure the outcome would have been all worth it! Great photos, thanks for sharing!
  7. Hey ladies, I have not done my review yet, but will! In the meantime, I wanted to share the photos from the photo session with the resort photographer Rueben. We almost didn't even use the resort photog because we hired Ivan Luckie for our photography, but boy were we super impressed!!!! He did a fantastic job! Since it was included with our wedding package we went ahead and used it for a group photo session the day before the wedding. Just click on my link here and ALL of the photos from the slideshow are from the resort photographer. Once on the webpage, click on the full screen button on the lower right hand side of the flickr set.
  8. BrideBarbie

    Krista's Planning Thread!

    Great planning thread. Congrats and good luck!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by jaynreneewed maybe I just won't have a cocktail hour. I'm having my reseption in the ballroom, even if I paid, I don't know if they'd let me stay an extra hour, the wedding guide states the ballroom closes at 10:30. Hopeful, I can. I don't know what else to do- I want to have speeches, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances. We're never gonna have enough time for all that. I'm so made that I let the WC talk me into a 6:00 ceromony, I wanted the 4:00 time slot. Damn her! We had a first dance, mother/son dance, speeches by multiple guests, throwing of the garter, throwing of the bouquet, cake cutting, dinner and dancing and it all worked out. We did continue the party at the disco afterwards until closing. Dinner seemed to take a long time, so we did the speeches during dinner. Then we did kind of go down the line and get the above mentioned special moments done first and right away so that we could all just relax and dance the rest of the night away. Let me tell you after the disco, many of our guests and bridal party kept hanging out at the lobby bar and on the terrace, but I was so pooped from all the day's preparations that I was the first to go to bed! It will seem long enough by the end of your day. Either way you go, be rest assured it will all work out beautifully. You can't go wrong!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by julia625 Hi all, considering Dreams Tulum for my wedding and wondering if anyone has had any problems with guests unhappy with the 1.5 hour ride transportation from the airport? Or if anyone has had any problems getting guests to the resort? Thanks! Ourselves, nor any of our guests had issues with the airport transfers. We used USA Transfers which is a private shuttle service with very reasonable rates, they gave us a group discount. Some of our guests though, used the shared shuttle provided by Expedia and they said it was a breeze and didn't take them that much longer to reach our resort. Honestly and personally, we liked the secludedness of Dreams Tulum and were very happy with our choice for the resort for our vacation AND our wedding. We went into Playa Del Carmen twice, and I have stayed at a resort in PDC before. There are pros and cons, you are much closer to the action in PDC, but for our wedding we thought that being secluded was a nice touch. You have a long stretch of private beach going in either direction at the beach in front of the resort. In PDC, all the resorts are next to each other and you have masses of people from different resorts on the beach. Plus the Tulum Ruins are right there and that was a group outing we treated our guests to. It just depends on what you envision. Good luck! Choosing the resort is the hardest part!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jaynreneewed this is BS, I swear I read somewhere that the reception is 4 hours. I feel like everything is going to be rushed. My only other option is to bag the cocktail hour and just go to a bar for 1/2 hour and start the reception dinner at 7:00. It sucks cause because my package includes cocktail hour. Maybe I'll only have it for 1/2 hour and still take advantage of the food. I also might take my pictures before the wedding, so i'm not rushed. I really didnt want my soon to be hubby seeing me until I walked down, but pictures are super importent to me. Let me know some of your ideas to get around this. Our wedding was at 5:00PM Group photos immediately after Cocktail was from 6:00 to 7:00PM Bride & Groom pics during Reception from 7:00-10:45PM roughly We completely missed our cocktail hour but the guests enjoyed it. We were actually late to the reception by 15 mins because of the photos... we did feel rushed with the photography, so did the photographer but we figured since we were doing a trash the dress the next day, it was ok. I personally wanted my groom to see my dress as I walked down the aisle, but if you don't mind seeing each other before, it might give you more of a relaxed time taking photos.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by violetvixen Hey everyone! I've posted my review of our wedding experience at Dreams Tulum over in the review section. We had a wonderful time and made some beautiful memories. I tried to include as much detail as possible, and I also posted photos that I hope will be helpful. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you! here's the link: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ncluded-60860/ Great review! Love the detail. I remember seeing your set up briefly that evening. I am working on my review....slowly, but congratulations! I must say that I had a chuckle to myself when you noted that you didn't know what to think about Natalia because we feel the same way. She was non-existant leading up to and directly following the wedding but pulled off exactly what I wanted during the wedding which makes it hard to complain, but our checkout was a nightmare with not getting our stuff back. Anyway I'm happy for you! Thanks for sharing!
  13. BrideBarbie

    KarenM's Planning Thread!

    Wow, I am truely amazed! Great job! I love all of the personal touches especially the converse. Cool idea!!
  14. BrideBarbie

    Royal Playa del Carmen Review - A&K

    Wow, what a beautiful reception set up and beautiful photography. Congratulations!
  15. BrideBarbie

    MnM2Mexico: Review Dreams Tulum

    I am sorry to hear about your somewhat negative experience with Dreams Tulum and Natalia. I just had my wedding and it was amazing. We did have the option to change our reception from the Relax Pool to the Dolphin Pool as we observed the lack of lighting at the Relax Pool and the closeness to all of the nightly entertainment. We only had the option to change because we were the only wedding that day. Natalia was great for us, absolutely nailed every detail on the head up until the very end. My only complaint is that we barely got back a SMALL fraction of our wedding items and we had to chase her down for days after the wedding only to end up dealing with Aurora who let us look in their wedding closet to retrieve the bits we could and we ended up losing some very sentimental items. Also they failed to give us our wedding certificate and when we complained to the hotel manager, they offered to mail it to us. We shall see if it reaches us. All in all the hotel service we received was very good including the wedding but there were gliches in the end.