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    Online Retailers I Loved! (W/Pics)

    Thanks for the ideas. i ordered my kids outfits her Weddingtropics.com. They are awesome and helpful
  2. Yeah for a decision. Love #1
  3. cantwait2718

    Advice needed :-)

    People register for their honeymoon Y not your photographer u could put a card in the shower thing that says : Help our day be picture perfect we r registered with ..... for photogaphy. or something. My wedding coodinator sent me a website called the wishingwell.com. U should check it out it 's another way,.
  4. cantwait2718

    Am I too selfish?

    I don't think it's selfish AT ALL. I know a destination wedding is not a "normal" wedding BUT if u got married at home and OOT guests came in for it would u stick around for the entire time they were there or would u still leave on your honeymoon? I think the expectation for a DW is theat u spend a couple days with your guests but if they decide to stay the entire time u r there it is not your job to entertain or be there for entire time. Hope that helps your disagreement with him.
  5. I love #1 on u. It looks like THE dress. #2 is pretty but I think it looks like u just wearing a wedding dress. If that makes sense.
  6. cantwait2718

    Any other cruise brides out there?

    Hi girls i am now a cruise bride. I was supposed to get married in mexico but that plaana has been scrapped. I am getting married in the day we leave nov 14 in miami and then the "reception" will be on the boat
  7. so far all i have decided is that we r buying their dresses.
  8. Can i see a pic of them?
  9. cantwait2718

    I fell in love on Tuesday...

    He is a gorgeous baby. Congratulations.
  10. I love #1. My second runner up is 4
  11. cantwait2718

    My Gay best friend and I are no longer friends...

    3 things to know about those addicted to any thing... 1. u didn't cause it 2. U can't change it 3. u can't control it I am so sorry that u r dealing with this. I know exactly where u r at. I have an addict for a sister, my only sister, and we haven't spoken in 3 years. She did many hurtful and said many hateful things to me. There will be a part of me that is so sad she is not standing next to me on my wedding day but that's the path she choose. Not me. Keep your head up and remember that u must look out for u.
  12. cantwait2718

    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride2009 If anyone is looking for a photographer in the Cancun/Mayan Riviera area, I have mine coming from Canada and he has some time available and would be interested in the extra work. He will be shooting my wedding Nov 20th and my TTD the morning of Nov 21, but will be available Nov 17/18/19. If you are interested please let me know by PM and I can send you more details! Oh that just misses my date and I would have been really interested. I really want a different photographer.
  13. cantwait2718

    Need to vent about SIL!

    We are in a similar situation except it is fi mother and father. Just let it roll. I was told on christmas by his mom that I was a selfish bitch for planning my wedding in mexico and someday when i look at my wedding pics I will be sad because no one will be there but us. FI told her photoshop works really well. lol. So just let it go. and tell those who will miss her to stay home bc u don't want to hear it. Sounds to me like she wants someone to pay for her trip.
  14. This girl is selling it wedding dresses - Rasharna Maggie Sottero (polka Dot) Wedding Dress so is this one never worn Maggie Sottero Style Rasharna Weddingbee Classifieds here it is for a little more than 500 Maggie Sottero A3131 Style Rasharna Champagne with Ivory Lace/Topaz Accent Sample Wedding Dress / Dresses Size 10 Was $1259.95 - Jay's Bridal & Special Occasions still looking more to come