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  1. thanks for this template. this is great of you to share. i feel so blessed to be back. this time i am helping my cousin get married. woo-hoo!
  2. i am so bummed but i'm happy for mrs. bee though. Weddingbee.com was just bought by EHarmony... - Project Wedding Forums
  3. thanks for posting this
  4. freshislandgal

    Free DW Wedding Photo Giveaway(s)

    that's exactly what i was thinking! i PM'd you josh.
  5. freshislandgal

    $2 coupon off Instyle Weddings

    thank you so much. seriously, i just bought mine at walmart. on top of that, walmart magazines are already 10% off, so i paid 3.38 for mine. thanks.
  6. freshislandgal

    Sylvia's planning journal

    everthing looks so great
  7. i love the betsey dress, where can i find that dress?
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    ooh and i'm interested in the whole principal having another woman's baby deal.
  9. freshislandgal


    brenda is done on the show now. i wonder if we'll notice. i love the grandma as well