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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KarenM Jennifer, did you guys go to city hall in manhattan? This is what we'll be doing in May & I'm curious about your experience. How long did the whole thing take? Were the 20 couples all in the same room with you for the actual legal ceremony? I'm wondering what to expect. What did you guys wear? Part of me just wants to wear jeans or something really casual to downplay it, but another part wants to wear a fun dress & heels (not wedding-ey though). thanks! Hey Karen! I'm not sure how it is in Manhattan, but it was super easy in Brooklyn. It was just us (me, my husband, our witness, & the officiant) in the room with us during the ceremony. The whole thing (from paying to the "first kiss" )took around 20-30 minutes. We decided to dress up. I wore the white Lily Pulitzer dress that I worn to our rehearsal dinner, my wedding jewelery, and a white paper flower in my hair (that I had worn at my wedding shower).My husband wore a black suit with the same tie that his groomsmen had worn at our wedding in Mexico. We wanted to incorporate our actual wedding into our legal wedding. He also bought me one of the bouquets that they sell in front of the building since we weren't able to buy fresh flowers first
  2. We got legally married the day after we returned from Mexico.... for pretty much the same reasons as everyone else (much less expensive & the hassle of having the documents translated). To us this "legal ceremony" was just paperwork and we will celebrate our Mexico wedding as our actual anniversary. We went to the municipal building here in Brooklyn and it was SUPER easy! Luckily my husband's best man had the day off so he was able to be our witness. We were able to walk in get married (I think we got there around 9 and they open at 8:30).
  3. SO cute! I LOVE the one of you two making the heart with your hands!!!
  4. Thank you Ladies!!! It was such a great time La Tortuga was fantastic!!! We had the majority of our wedding guests stay there and they were SO ACCOMMODATING!!!! We basically took over the bar area for the majority of the time that we stayed there.... such a fantastic hotel & staff. EM is AMAZING! She was the reason I wanted to get married in the Yucatan and not on the pacific coast. She is a true artist and captures the emotions of the day so well! My dress was a true collaboration between my seamstress and I. She really understood exactly the look I was going for and helped transform my dress into my dream dress (I guess my power point slides helped Also, my I couldn't have done any of it without the fantastic Ladies of Wedding's Riviera Maya! Thank you so much Luisa, Gelena, & Adriana! Weddings Riviera Maya Weddings on the beach Playa del Carmen Tulum Riviera Maya
  5. I can't say enough good things about Elizabeth's work... She is amazing! I also had fantastic wedding planners! Weddings Riviera Maya are AWESOME! http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/monadavid/ http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/monadavid/
  6. Super Cute!!! In the beginning, FI had a problem with pink, too... but don't worry they get over it
  7. Here's ours: Mona y Dave - Our Wedding Website It's been a really great tool, especially now that we're getting closer to the wedding date (only 12 days to go)!! We used the RSVP page for our Rehearsal dinner so everyone would have to check out our updates ; )
  8. I don't think it's necessary to have a rehearsal dinner, but I do think it's really nice to have some sort of event before the actual wedding. I've been to quite a few destination weddings, and think it makes a really big difference. The weddings were everyone had an opportunity to meet & mingle before were much more fun for the guests (and the bride & groom). A cocktail reception with passed h'ordeuvres is an economical option...
  9. We're having a Catholic Ceremony (spiritual ceremony) in Mexico and our legal ceremony after we get back from Mexico. We're getting back on October 29th and we're going to the County Clerk's office in Brooklyn on October 30th to make it official here in the US. It's MUCH cheaper and easier to do the legal ceremony here. Now... I'm trying to convince my FI that we should have a wine & cheese reception on the 30th to celebrate our legal marriage ; )
  10. We decided last week not to do gifts. I really wanted to get him an Omega watch (he's a huge James Bond fan) and he was going to get me a new Louis Vuitton. But in the end, we decided that we didn't need to spend the extra money(I had not budgeted for the gifts in our original budget.
  11. Those are SUPER cute! It's your wedding not hers, so do them if you want to do them. It is going to be hot in July so they will be greatly welcomed! She's probably worried you're going to ask her to help : )
  12. I'm going to give it to them at the rehearsal dinner. I also bought them a super cute orange clutch so I will put their jewelery in the clutch. We will also give the groomsmen their gifts as well (we got them Cole Haan travel wallets).
  13. We're going to use L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. It has a very nice break towards the middle that will lend itself very nicely for the DJ to break in with... the couple would like for you to join them on the dance floor
  14. I too, also have great friends! Three of my girlfriends in my office bought me the pair of Manolo Blahnik's I had been wanting for our big day. I CANNOT wait for our wedding day (only 23 more days to GO) to wear these shoes!!!
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