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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by 2010wedding Kim- was your hair and makeup done by the resort? Its awesome.....you look fantastic!!! Janna Thank you everyone for the wonderful compliments. Sorry for the delay in thanking everyone. Janna the resort did my hair but I did my makeup Make sure if you do have the resort do your hair give them plenty of time. I was freaking cuz I had them do my nails and toes. And the resort scheduled me at 10:30 Am well it took her a while to do my nails ( I just had them painted) then it was 12:00 PM and she still didn't start on my hair yet. So allow a lot of time She finished at 1:00 but it was too close for me lol.
  2. Here are some pictures from my wedding Kim & Curt Lidya Solemidt
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn Congrats Kim08! I am sad to hear that you weren't a fan of Sandra. I loved her. Who was your photographer? My photographer was Lidya Solemidt. I found out the reason I had Sandra is because Jacy was on her honeymoon. I know that because Lidya was Jacy's photographer.
  4. Hello all sorry I wasn’t able to give you my review until now. We got back on the 9th. We were there October 1st thru the 9th. First off the weather was nice. 90’s and sunny everyday. Ok it was a little hot but I am not complaining because it was cold and rainy at home ☺ It was windy too but it was nice because it was refreshing. The food was AWESOME! We didn’t go to the Italian restaurant but I heard that was really good too. Drinks of course were good too The staff was very pleasant and really enjoyed their service. Sandra ended up being my wedding coordinator. I know others on here thought she was really nice but I was a little put off from her. She was rude to my photographer. Not sure why? They are just weird about you having outside photographers I think. I went by all their rules about getting them a room and everything? She wasn’t rude to us but I didn’t like that she was rude to my photographer because she did not deserve that. But my wedding turned out wonderful and that is all that matters. The minister was very nice. I liked what he said and I loved the writing on the certificate you get it is very nice. The flowers were pretty and fresh looking. I would defiantly go back there it was a really great place! ☺ I can’t wait to get my pictures to share them with you all ☺
  5. I booked my Photographers room through Orbitz. It was only 228.00. I would check there. I found them to be the cheapest. I booked it back in May so I am not sure if it has gone up or not. But it is worth checking out
  6. Kim08

    Did it happen to one of you?

    It has happened to me also. But I can't afford another one so I am just going to live with it. It looks good but like the others have said... it still doesn't do the wow for me. Hoping I will feel differently when I have my hair and make up done.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by GinalynL A made an appt a couple weeks before I got there. Since I had the Ultimate Package my hairstyle and makeup were included, but I also wanted to make sure that my mom and MOH and I could all get done up a the same time. Sandra was able to get me in touch with the Spa people to set up our appointments. They emailed me a form to fill out with the date and times and then sent me back a confirmation. Kim - I can't wait for your wedding! You must be the next one!! Thanks! I emailed Jacy. I would like to have it planned before hand too.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mwcfarms I think you make an appointment when you get there. Most of the planning I have heard will be done in the first two days you get there. Correct me if I am wrong gals. Ok thanks!!! I can't wait to get there less than a month away!!!
  9. Do you have to make an appointment before you go or can you make one when you get there to get your hair done? Forgive me if this has already been answered?
  10. Beautiful pictures MonicaC. And thanks GinalynL for you help
  11. Does anyone know how much it costs to get your hair done at dreams? Does anyone have a list of prices for that. Just curious.
  12. was it pretty easy to call there? I will give that a try.
  13. Thanks echo2_62 I sure hope they honor my Marina Honeymoon room. Maybe the change is only for 2010 brides? I emailed Jacy. I will probably have to wait a week to hear anything *sigh*
  14. I just found this.. I hope this helps How Can I Get a Mexico Tourist Card? If you're flying to Mexico, you'll be given a tourist card and instructions for filling it out on board your plane -- the cost of a tourist card (about $23) is included in your plane fare. The card will be stamped at customs/immigration in the Mexico airport, showing you are in the country legally. If you're driving, taking the bus or walking into Mexico, you can get a tourist card at the border inspection station/immigration office after showing your id or passport proving your US citizenship. You'll need to go to a bank to pay for the card (about $20) -- it will be stamped to show that you've paid. You will then return to the border immigration office to have the card stamped -- the stamp shows that you are in the country legally. You can also get a tourist card at a Mexico consular office or Mexico government tourism office in a US city before you travel to Mexico.